Tuesday, 23 September 2008

enter darkness

i am blogging from my mums e71, not because i am trying out this cool wi-fi available at sjmc

But because like the title says;
I fear the worst, that being not long from now, the world for me will be a little bit darker. You see, i am going blind

To all those stupid people who haven t heard glaucoma, well, heres ur chance. It is a symptom whereby a white thingy blocks the pupil, therfore not allowing light to enter the eye. if u still dont get what i mean, well, glaucoma causes blindness.

blindness may be a normal thing for any other 17 year old, wait, WHAT? You mean being bling at the tender age of 17 is abnormal!!!?? Say it isnt so!

That is why i am posting this, because i may be one of the not so many teenagers that will be turning blind in my right eye.

I am not blind because i am so stupid that i stare at the sun all day. No, though i have many times stared at the sun til i am dizzy, that is not the reason. BUT, because overdose of drugs

-begini kisahnya
My mum ni kan, gemar sungguh mintak extra meds. If you see in the cabinet downstairs, you will mistake it for a kilang glaxo-smith-kline (producer ubat2)
So, when i tga sakit mata, i went and asked for meds from mum. I was meant to be on steroids for 1 month, but because i forgot, i have been using them on and off for 3 months, sadly, causing my eye to be in great pain over the few months.

Just now i sat in the doctors office and did the letter identypifying thing. My left eye, being s 20-20 vision eye, aced it. My right eye got all of em wrong. And now, i see my future, or at least the right part of my future is not so bright.

So, if you are reading this, post a money donation to my maybank account - just kidding. No, if you are reading this, don t do drugs, wait, tak jugak kan. if you are reading this, good.

I hope i don t turn blind, in either eye. But if it happens, i will just go with the flow, and buy an eyepatch and pura2 be a pirate for the rest of my life - mekhael

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