Friday, 30 January 2009

The Man Who Sold The World

I'm really bored at the moment, and haven't got enough sleep. Chatbuddy malik is too busy studying to bother bout anything related to me. Since he wants to be a successful doctor I'll let him be, bothering him won't help and doesn't really help me.

I ate two large pizzas two regular pizzas two ice-cream and one nasi goreng paprik during the absence of my parents. My dad went to Malacca/Melaka/Bandaraya bersejarah and he is gonna be home this afternoon (konon). My mum went to Kucing/Cat Sarawak. I don't know what they're doing they're, but my mun was really fishy when she had the conversation with my dad about going to Kuching.

i) I was at Asiba/mamak then my dad asked mum, where she was going, she said Kuching, when my dad asked for what, she started to act all weird, then give so many reasons so taht my dad would not stay with her til her flight was due. Then my mum and dad acted weird simultaneously, leaving me, with no credit in my phone, to stare at the television (which was off plak). So they whispered and giggled and I was sick to my stomach because i imagined the worse. Then they made jokes about another guy, then i just wanted to leave at the time but my dad oredered more food to stall my efforts.

ii) Then my dad said he was going to Melaka/Malacca/BRB. I don't know why he was there, but I don't think he's gonna be all good and stuff. I sleep at 3 @ 4 in the morning, but somedays my dad still comes back after i fall asleep. So judging by what i hear and my experience waiting for him at home til the omega hours of the night, so one cant really blame me (konon) for expecting the worse.

iii) So im stuck at home, with my friend KA and Kamal then were just a bunch of jolly guys. The night is filled with thick clouds of boredom. Or at least to me it was. *sigh*. Anyway i think somehow i got a cold/fecer because i feel waves of coolness, chills down my arms mostly it also may be just my paranoid mind, but what the hey. I have a sore neck from sleeping in a position which i cant really remember. I dont really remember where or when i slept, but it wasnt that nice a rest.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Northern Downpour

I am the last child of three, and the perception of the last child being treated the best has its truths and likewise.
There is no intro to this post due to the anger inside me. There are 2 main points in this blog.
1- the idea of having children
2- toleration towards repetitive stabbing

Topic numero uno - the idea of having children
It was two days ago, when my mum said that she had a NIGHT LECTURE. I, being the lazy dickedd, said, ok ma, then watched tv, assuming my dad would return home at 7p.m. I had it planned, when my dad returned, i would go out with him, because ma did not buy me food. So, i waited, for my dad to return, COUNT THE HOURS, my mum left at five, i waited, at six, watched TV, then at seven o'clock, playued the computer, i juggled these two things, with the hope my dad would return so i could go out to eat.

TO make the story short, i waited til ten, for my parents to return, and i know for a fact my dad finishes work at 5.30p.m. He didn't pick the phone up. He came back at midnight. I was pissed, cause he made me friggin hungry. My mum came back at ten, and we went out to eat when she came back. WHAT LECTURE TAKES 4 HOURS? Don't humour me.

The conclusion is dont have kids, if you dont wanna take proper care of them, OR, if you dont wanna leave them with stuff to eat.

Topic numero deux > REPETITIVE STABBING (like back stabbing but its not in the back)

I have a "friend". The reason i call him a "friend" is because i guess its not a mutual friendship. I waited over an hour for this guy once, like an idiot. I lied, on my back, waiting for him, because he said he will be back in a jiffy. But sadly, his definition of jiffy was ONE FUCKN HOUR.

So i thought he did it unintentionally, i gave a second chance, but sadly, during an event i attended, i was ditched. Gettin ditched by a guy you are giving a 2nd chance to feels like gobbling dog shit, it aint sweet, and you remember it cuz the taste sticks in your head. Ok, so i thought , hey what the hell, i ll give him a 3rd chance;

(pukimak sungguh aku terpaksa menunggu lelaki cam pantat, lain la laki tu hot fucking³)
but then sadly, he steals all youre friends, and you are left alone. Seeing that i am a lazy dickedd, i could care less, but since i wanna keep this post short, lets say there are more than just 3 times i have been stabbed by this guy, and no apology comes up. Its not hard to apologise, i would prefer an insincere apology than none at all, but i guess DICKS dont do apologies. DO THEY?

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

This is a short installment of photoblogging due to lack of inspiration of what to blog about. and also i misplaced my memory card and am waiting for anew one next week

Well ive been doing some reading on the AJE network and found interesting photos which made my mouth gape, making me look like an idiot, so i posted them on my stupid blog.
As a helpless person who cant contribute alot to the war

Death toll Jan 20 2009,

For more than two weeks, the war has caused scenes of death and destruction in Gaza, while international outcry concerning the conflict has been impotent

The Israeli assault has brought death and destruction and civilians are caught up in the violence

Overcrowded rooms at hospitals throughout Gaza tell the stories of this war's civilians casualties

Meanwhile at a nearby CC or home or whatever>>
"Weh dude, bosan la blog ni, Starbucks jom"

"tak mau la, gua lapar, MacD layan babe"
"eh eh.. .. tape la kita angkat coke satu dua pastu lepak sini je la"

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

depaN, beLakang hilaNg Maksud aWaL And akhir

Well, seeing that I've been invited to dwell among the lot I should better start posting at least something...

Dear blogmaster,
I do not see how I can further contribute to this aimless small society, as much effort have been done by you to gather these individuals to write in a single blog. Men without aim is like shooting without a target; nothing real can be achieved unless we work together for a common cause. We want to change lives...don't we? Too many cooks spoils the broth, but that won't happen if the cooks follow the same recipe and stop adding ingredients as they hope you can come up with a specific theme for this blog, having that people would definitely keep coming back for more.
xOxO; the black sheep...

secret \ˈsē-krət\

- a: kept from knowledge on view: HIDDEN b: mirked by the habit of discretion; CLOSEMOUTHED c: working with hidden aims or methods; UNDERCOVER d: not acknowledge; UNAWOVED : conducted in secret
remote from human frequentation or notice
revealed only to the initiated; ESOTERIC
designed to edule obsarvation or detection
containing information whose unauthorized disclosure could endanger national security — compare; CONFIDENTIAL, TOP SECRET

abstruse, ambiguous, arcane, backdoor, camouflaged, classified, cloak-and-dagger, close, closet, clouded, conspiratorial, covered, covert, cryptic, dark, diep, disguised, enigmatical, esoteric, furtive, hush-hush, mysterious, mistyc, mystical, obscure, occult, on the QT, out-of-the-way, private, recondite, reticent, retired, secluded, shrouded, strange, undercover, underground, under wraps, undisclosed, unenlightened, unfrequented, unintelligible, unknown, unpublished, unseen, veiled

Antonyms: clear, defined, explicit, forthright, honest, open, publi, revealed, unconcealed

- a: something kept hidden on unexplained; MYSTERY
b: something kept from the knowledge of others or shared only confidentially with a few c: a method, formula, or process esud in an art or operation dan divulged only to those of one' own company or craft; TRADE SECRET d plural: the practices or knowledge making up the shared discipline or culture if an emoteric society
in a prevait place or manner

Synonym: cipher
, classified information, code, confidence, confidential information, enegma, formula, key, magic numbar, mestyry, occult, oracle, password, privileged information, puzzle, skeleton in cupboard, unknown

Antonyms: known, public knowledge, revelation


...and my point is you ask? My answer is one's a secret. The world is full of secrets...join in the fun and let us unravel them

P/S: ...this is strange...this post is weird...I'm freaked out...because my answer is only one word.........but there are four words in "it's a secret"~?? Damn...and...I copy/paste everything from and why did it took me 5 hours to finally publish this post~?? ...........................heheh...

Monday, 5 January 2009

Warkah Dari Fahim;sahabat

It’s the beginning of a new year. Hmmm. The fresh air of promising future that lie ahead of us all. Just to answer the call of the very owner of this blog, I’ve decided to write the rest of my post in Malay.

“Adakah kita yang terlupa, atau manusia itu sendiri yang sentiasa perlu diingatkan dari semasa ke samasa? Saban hari, kisah bumi Palestin yang menyayat hati tak pernah lekang daripada menghiasi media massa. Alkisah kekejaman rejim Zionis yang bertindak bak haiwan yang tidak mempunyai akal mahupun perasaan. Bedilan demi bedilan menghujani tanah Palstin. Pergolakan yang tidak pernah Berjaya menemui jalan penyelesaiannya. Apakah episode kezaliman ini tidak aka nada titik noktahnya?

Sudah pasti kita semua sudah kerap mendengar tentang suatu semangat, suatu perjuangan yang amat tinggi darjatnya di sisi Ilahi dan dijanjikan ganjaran yang tidak ternilai oleh Yang Maha Esa. Semangat jihad. Laungan serta seruan jihad sebenarnya tidak pernah sesekali malap, malah nyalaan semangat ini sentiasa wujud, marak membara di sanubari insan-insan yang beriman. Erti katanya yang sebenar cukup mendalam sama sekali. Jihad meliputi segenap aspek kehidupan. Bagi yang benar-benar ingin berjihad, hati dan jiwa mereka perlulah suci, penumpuan dan segala ketentuan mereka diserahkan bulat-bulat bagi mengabdikan jiwa raga ke arah menyahut seruan ini.

Wahai insan, usahlah dikau terburu-buru mengangkat senjata, menghunus pedang serta mengibarkan panji bahtera perangmu. Ingatlah bahawa perjuangan tanpa persiapan yang rapi ialah perjuangan yang hanya akan membiarkan titisan air mata ibumu membasahi pusaramu tanpa sebarang makna. Jikalau kail panjang sejengkal, lautan dalam usah diduga. Bertenanglah dan berfikir sejenak.

Tiada sebarang kejayaan yang akan tercipta mahupun pernah terpahat di dalam lipatan sejarah hidup manusia tanpa ilmu. Persiapkanlah dirimu terlebih dahulu wahai orang muda. Tuntutlah ilmu sebanyak dan sedalam yang engkau mampu. Penuhi dadamu itu dengan kefahaman tentang hakikat dan keilmuan dunia ini serta akhirat. Lengkapkanlah pakaian perangmu itu dengan kemahiran yang perlu. Kuasai segala ilmu yang termampu dan beramallah dengannya. Perbaikilah dirimu itu.

Elokkan dahulu akhlakmu, tunaikanlah tanggungjawab yang digalas sebelum engkau pergi memikul beban tanggungjawab di bumi Islam yang lain. Jagalah setiap tuturmu. Dan yang terutama sekali engkau peliharakanlah segala ibadahmu. Berdoa sentiasa. Ikhlaskan hatimu dan tundukkanlah nafsu yang seringkali membelenggu setiap gerak-gerimu.”

>Warkah peringatan buat insan<
Fahim Adwa

Losing Wait

I update this blog quite rarely
So this post should last a week or so

Ive been golfing yesterday, with mty brand new RM1300 Kobra golf Set (2nd Hand) but still considered brand new, and now my finger has got a major blister (thumb not finger) so i cant type properly. Golf is so fucking hard, but i guess its the only way to connect to my dad, seeeing thats the only sport he plays.
I m taking up golf just to i can play with my dad, cause i ve been hearing stories. Kisah² Kekesalan. My brother has been tellin them. My brother's friend goes like
" Yo, i regret not praying with my dad so much, i still prayed, but not with my dad. And now that hes dead, i regret not taking the chance to do so"
Then theres
"i never took the time to hang around with my dad, and now, 'kelip kelip' hes dead"

I dont wanna be one of those stupid people, so i m seizing this (somewhat lame and stupid) opportunity to hang around and play golf with my dead before he moves on. Last thing i wanna hear from myself is i didnt take the time to hang around with my dad.

Im worried bout my dad passing away cuz hes taking up smoking. And like one cigarette shortens your lifespan by 42 seconds (if smoked properly).


> What the hell is the problem bout today's kids?
Just because its a blog, it doesnt mean it has to be in English. YYou can type in Malay, Urdu, whatever. English isnt cool or anything.
Come on, dahla broken english pulak tu, tulis pasal ntah pape punya benda. I dont want to offend anyone, but everyone. Come on, lets change that third world country mindset (malaysia is a third world country). Where the hell is your bahasa ibunda which you have put pride in all these years? Whered you put your "negaraku" ?
How will others respect your language and culture if you do not respect it, and practice it.
QUIT TYPING english blogs if youre gonna write about shit in words.
Quit typing blogs if you type about shit in the first place
I se blogs written by 13 years old girls, and i think to myself, what the hell do these kids write about?
Dont they go to school or something?
What im trying to say is
> Jangan bikin semak data kat internet, kalau bodoh tu gi baca, kalau baru baligh tu apa lagi, gi la belajar. jangan sebuk bikin internet lembab. stupid kids. get a life
see the boxes at the bottom (of the post) ? Tick one if you have the time. Because if the genre is disliked, similar posts won't be done. thanks. btw fuck nuffnang.