Thursday, 22 January 2009

Northern Downpour

I am the last child of three, and the perception of the last child being treated the best has its truths and likewise.
There is no intro to this post due to the anger inside me. There are 2 main points in this blog.
1- the idea of having children
2- toleration towards repetitive stabbing

Topic numero uno - the idea of having children
It was two days ago, when my mum said that she had a NIGHT LECTURE. I, being the lazy dickedd, said, ok ma, then watched tv, assuming my dad would return home at 7p.m. I had it planned, when my dad returned, i would go out with him, because ma did not buy me food. So, i waited, for my dad to return, COUNT THE HOURS, my mum left at five, i waited, at six, watched TV, then at seven o'clock, playued the computer, i juggled these two things, with the hope my dad would return so i could go out to eat.

TO make the story short, i waited til ten, for my parents to return, and i know for a fact my dad finishes work at 5.30p.m. He didn't pick the phone up. He came back at midnight. I was pissed, cause he made me friggin hungry. My mum came back at ten, and we went out to eat when she came back. WHAT LECTURE TAKES 4 HOURS? Don't humour me.

The conclusion is dont have kids, if you dont wanna take proper care of them, OR, if you dont wanna leave them with stuff to eat.

Topic numero deux > REPETITIVE STABBING (like back stabbing but its not in the back)

I have a "friend". The reason i call him a "friend" is because i guess its not a mutual friendship. I waited over an hour for this guy once, like an idiot. I lied, on my back, waiting for him, because he said he will be back in a jiffy. But sadly, his definition of jiffy was ONE FUCKN HOUR.

So i thought he did it unintentionally, i gave a second chance, but sadly, during an event i attended, i was ditched. Gettin ditched by a guy you are giving a 2nd chance to feels like gobbling dog shit, it aint sweet, and you remember it cuz the taste sticks in your head. Ok, so i thought , hey what the hell, i ll give him a 3rd chance;

(pukimak sungguh aku terpaksa menunggu lelaki cam pantat, lain la laki tu hot fucking³)
but then sadly, he steals all youre friends, and you are left alone. Seeing that i am a lazy dickedd, i could care less, but since i wanna keep this post short, lets say there are more than just 3 times i have been stabbed by this guy, and no apology comes up. Its not hard to apologise, i would prefer an insincere apology than none at all, but i guess DICKS dont do apologies. DO THEY?


ArcReactor said...
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ArcReactor said...

refering to the numero deux topic:

am i the person u are talking about??

soryy coz it hurts u....well..nothing to say...

just that....millions of apologies....

Del Lofis [group leader] said...

no dementor u are not number two. number two is a pantat far worse than u. weh YM la ngn aku babi, siot jek

see the boxes at the bottom (of the post) ? Tick one if you have the time. Because if the genre is disliked, similar posts won't be done. thanks. btw fuck nuffnang.