Monday, 2 February 2009

My Green Passport

This will be written as though I am a 4 year old boy.

My name is Lot. I have a red and blue coloured shirt. It has a collar. I always wear my shirt when going to the market. One day I went to the market with Ayah and Mummy. So then I waited for Mummy to buy things. Mummy bought many things. But then,

a makcik tegured me. She asked me where was the price check machine. So I politely pointed to the machine. Then another mak cik asked me where the machine was. being brainwashed by our governments BUDI BAHASA campaign, i pointed towards the machine. THEN, a makcik asked me where the soap was, I said, I DO NOT WORK HERE. The constant barrage of the price check machine and assistance to pick up things, and also the questions on where things were, I am planning to burn my shirt.

So, in conjunction with this post, a poll shall be posted, and if you would like to join me in my Shirt Burning night, then please leave a comment.

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