Sunday, 1 March 2009

wtf happened

So its a Saturday, i dont mean to be like the rest of teh blogging community who scurry to their keyboards everyday to wrte a diary, but today is weird, so i am just gonna write a draft today, and when complains start to come in from the MEMANTAT post, i will then post this one.

So today, i broke a guiness world record. because the KTM had stalled for 1.5 hours, well it hadnt stalled sangat, but the machine was rosak. So while waiting, i sat at the very end of the platfor, where i sat beside a fat man, a non-Malaysian. Being the weird guy who smiles for no reason, i had gotten to know this man, a Bangla, and his "anak buah". So i chat2 la with this bangla, who stayed im Malaysia for 18 or 14 years i cannot remember, so he has a wife here too, who is pregnant. A melayu he said. So i got to know his name, Romjan Ali, and his anak buah, Naimiyo... which is a weird name... being a bangla, who was nice, i asked him a favor.

to count to five in hindi.
enne nale rende moone ______ (i cant remember five la). So then while waiting for the snail train, we saw an accident at the highway beside the batu tiga komuter station. Noone died though, but the damages were quite bad... So then, long story short, i arrived at sentral an hour and a half late to meet Spock my best friend, so pity him. So when i got out of the train, i hugged the two strangers who somehow hugged me back, damn, hugging two banglas i only know for an hour. between the jokes we shared and all, it felt good, from brother to brother.

So then i met Spock pula and caught up with him, and he was not in the mood to study bla3. So then we shared a drink at WarongKita which was daaaaaamn expensivo then we sat around loitering. So then when it was time for farewell i then had to to say goodbye so then sedar2 i was hugging him aswell, which felt good but weird cuz i m not that brotherly.

Then i met pepek, my friend, then we bought stuff. I drove him to my house fer dinner, then he sed "wtf u got a big house but noones in it" (cuz my dad was out "minum2" and mum has somehow disappeared, so i was alone. Then i sent him back home, and then,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, when i had to say goodbye to him his fater poped out from nowhere, so then sedar2 i was hugging him too.

So in conclusion i hugged 2 banglas one friend and one jawa man. OR 3 banglas 1 jawa man either way u see it it was weird and disturbing....

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