Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Nan Desuka

I did not have a good day today, but hey! whotheFuVk cares? So now it happy hour (but versi halal) so we enjoi Gaijin Invasion!

wait ah i google da liriks

okeh all redi to go

Well i've been a lot o' places in this big old world
but i've never seen a place like this.
the buildings' kinda tall and the people kinda small and everybody eat a lot of fish...
the streets are pretty busy it can make you awful dizzy when your trying to find your way around
so heres a little rhyme you can use it all the time when you're lost in Tokyo town.--
chorus x 2Wakarimashita, [ I understood. ]
Wakarimasen, [ I don't understand! ]
Wakarimashita ka ? [ do you understand? ]Doko desu ka ? [ where is it? ]
Itsu desu ka ? [ when is it? ]
Nani desu ka ? [ what is it? ]
--it's a fascinating city
but it looks a little shitty
when it's raining and it's grey
when the sun's done a sinkin'
and the lights are on and blinkin'
and baby it looks okay
well they say its futuristic but its also innovistic
its a contradictory place.
when im walkin' through Shibuya feel like singin halleluyah
even though theres limited space.--
Wakarimashita, [ I understood. ]
Wakarimasen, [ I don't understand! ]
Wakarimashita ka ? [ do you understand? ]Doko desu ka ? [ where is it? ]
Itsu desu ka ? [ when is it? ]
Nani desu ka ? [ what is it? ]
--Omotesando! Ikebukuro! Shinjuku! Harajuku!
Meguro! Hibiya! Roppongi! Ginza! Shibuya! Ebisu! Mita! Aoyama!Akabanebashi!--
Wakarimashita, [ I understood. ]
Wakarimasen, [ I don't understand! ]
Wakarimashita ka ? [ do you understand? ]Doko desu ka ? [ where is it? ]
Itsu desu ka ? [ when is it? ]
Nani desu ka ? [ what is it? ]

Monday, 30 March 2009

chat chat chat chat clik teng3

NOW INSPIRED BY BEAN, THE CHAT SEGMENT!!! this chat session is with my old friend razin from sekola agama manatah!

Razin Kamal Nizar: kote dowh
kakers ni
bodo ak bosan lar

sfg_dragon: kakers?
tu apa

Razin Kamal Nizar: kakers 2 sangap

sfg_dragon: ko jawa ke pe ni

Razin Kamal Nizar: jawa kratong

sfg_dragon: kratong tu kat ne

Razin Kamal Nizar: adohai

sfg_dragon: ak tau kratong tu kat tengganu
platfom minyak lol

Razin Kamal Nizar: jawa kratong 2 sjenis jawa
berasal dr indon
ko x g art week?

sfg_dragon: art, xkot, apa tuh, kurang minat, dgr kat radio je

Razin Kamal Nizar: mgu kesenian di mana anda boleh berinteraksi dgn pelukis2 komik, freelance ape lancau sume ah

sfg_dragon: aku kat umah da ada lancau, takmo la g tgk lancau pro lol

Razin Kamal Nizar: bodo
evry lancau has its own uniqueness

sfg_dragon: i feel my lancau is enough
my heart has only one spot for lancau, and that is my lancau and my lancau only mahaahhahaah

Razin Kamal Nizar: ?
ko ni feeling ker ngn kote sndiri?
wat kind of sexual orientation is dat?
weh ko taw
kt 89
ak pnh tgk ad laki ni******* BLEEEEEEPPP********

the rest is censored
u want teh full conversation leave comment then i will story

Friday, 27 March 2009

my grane

this should be written in green fonts, LED FONTS, like that 24 countdown, (drum, drum drum drum) as the countdowns ticks. second by second.

ini blog aku post pukul 2.08AM as i have a migraine, belah kanan kepala, kat dpn skit, dono la if betul2 migraine. but it hurts. throb la xde la hurt

SO I WANt to tell you about this ironic story
about the felda boy and the city boy.

so one day, by fate these two met, they were placed in the same class, and the city boy wasnt in class all the time. the felda boy studied and studied and studied. then came the mother of all exams in the malaysian education system. the SPM! (omigosh SFX)

so then the city boy slept through all exams, but in one paper, the physics paper, the felda boy was having trouble. so the city boy stood straight. the felda boy and the city boy, were sitting back to front. the city boy, El Noches, saw his felda boy buddy, Toro, panicking, having no idea on what to write about for the paper.

So El Noches took out a ruler, a 20cm ruler, then used PAPER MATE LIQUID paper, to cover the ruler, creating VIRTUAL PAPER. So then El Noches wrote 3-6 essays (including diagrams) on the ruler. the fonts were small. everytime El Noches yawned and spread his arms out, Toro would grap the ruler, them scurry to his seat, and copy down the ever so small fonts on the ruler.

El Noches didnt want to see Toro, the last child of a felda family not succeed, so he spent more of his time helping Toro than himself. but inside, Noches was content. An instant bond between Noches and Toro was tied.

So then, the o-level results came out, turned out Toro passed with flying colours, and Noches was left with not so much the same results as his friend. It is a boring story i know, but the irony is worth writing about.

its not what i want, its not what i need, but it is what i seek

Sunday, 1 March 2009

wtf happened

So its a Saturday, i dont mean to be like the rest of teh blogging community who scurry to their keyboards everyday to wrte a diary, but today is weird, so i am just gonna write a draft today, and when complains start to come in from the MEMANTAT post, i will then post this one.

So today, i broke a guiness world record. because the KTM had stalled for 1.5 hours, well it hadnt stalled sangat, but the machine was rosak. So while waiting, i sat at the very end of the platfor, where i sat beside a fat man, a non-Malaysian. Being the weird guy who smiles for no reason, i had gotten to know this man, a Bangla, and his "anak buah". So i chat2 la with this bangla, who stayed im Malaysia for 18 or 14 years i cannot remember, so he has a wife here too, who is pregnant. A melayu he said. So i got to know his name, Romjan Ali, and his anak buah, Naimiyo... which is a weird name... being a bangla, who was nice, i asked him a favor.

to count to five in hindi.
enne nale rende moone ______ (i cant remember five la). So then while waiting for the snail train, we saw an accident at the highway beside the batu tiga komuter station. Noone died though, but the damages were quite bad... So then, long story short, i arrived at sentral an hour and a half late to meet Spock my best friend, so pity him. So when i got out of the train, i hugged the two strangers who somehow hugged me back, damn, hugging two banglas i only know for an hour. between the jokes we shared and all, it felt good, from brother to brother.

So then i met Spock pula and caught up with him, and he was not in the mood to study bla3. So then we shared a drink at WarongKita which was daaaaaamn expensivo then we sat around loitering. So then when it was time for farewell i then had to to say goodbye so then sedar2 i was hugging him aswell, which felt good but weird cuz i m not that brotherly.

Then i met pepek, my friend, then we bought stuff. I drove him to my house fer dinner, then he sed "wtf u got a big house but noones in it" (cuz my dad was out "minum2" and mum has somehow disappeared, so i was alone. Then i sent him back home, and then,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, when i had to say goodbye to him his fater poped out from nowhere, so then sedar2 i was hugging him too.

So in conclusion i hugged 2 banglas one friend and one jawa man. OR 3 banglas 1 jawa man either way u see it it was weird and disturbing....
see the boxes at the bottom (of the post) ? Tick one if you have the time. Because if the genre is disliked, similar posts won't be done. thanks. btw fuck nuffnang.