Friday, 22 May 2009

Tahukah Anda?

mari mengenal lot!
"ey lot, kurapkah anda?"
jawapannya tidak! rujuk sini dan sini 

So today i came back from work, stressed out. So i went in the shower and scratched my wounds and made new wounds. When i wiped my face i wiped my eyelids many-many times. It itches like hell. And it has for a few years now. All this stress is getting to me. Today i asked my mum for money again. Everyday its the same story, the same cycle.
"ma tolong tinggal duit utk lot makan, ngn duit skit utk lot nak beli bla3"

I dunno why, but i have grown this habit of being of being embarrassed, if not ashamed, when asking for money. At school
"ni ha ayah bagi 50" >> "tak takpela, 30 dahla, bukan lot makan kantin pun"
its weird, but i guess i was accidentally brought up this way? mungkin. maybe. proooobably.

Today i read a post about me. which was weird. Damn. Its like reading this blog, which was from yesterday*. But oh well. (yesterday = fakta sudah kuno dan tiada kena mengena dengan keadaan kini, dan biasanya disebabkan, something2 lol mls nk tuleh)

So lately someone told me something that changed me. That restructured my thoughts and way of thinking. That amplifies my problems and makes everyone elses look smaller*; less important; less relevant, unnecessary. (the word smaller ni inappropriate la ekceli)

So what if you have an exam and you havent studied. So what if you dont and havent found a girlfriend. So what if you dont know where to go to further our studies. So what if you didnt pass your JPJ test. So what? - i dont know. Its not that i dont care. I do. But i feel other things are more important. But it doesnt mean others' people's problems arent important.

Definitions of family on the Web:

  • a social unit living together; "he moved his family to Virginia"
SO lets say, my "social unit" is separated, ie: not living together. We become "individual units" living "separately", instead of the proposed "social unit" living "together". Is that technically a family by definition? Well, No

So tell me to appreciate something i dont have. Tell me to appreciate the BMW 5 series i drive while you are at it. Tell me to appreciate the Topman shirts i wear, the Byford socks, the LCD TV, the "family" i come home to.

Tell me, how to appreciate, something, that is not there. Thus, you can teach a blind man to see, thus, you can make a deaf man hear, and a dumb man talk. ignorance.


Malyque (عبد الملك محمود مناف) said...

dude, this one reeks very fond of sarcasms~

so far my favorite post...

FiQnocchio si kipas-ssh-mati Real Madrid said...

kite x boleh puaskan ati sumer org, bro..
lantak dorg la nk kater aper..
dun give a single damn weh..

Ozzie said...

"Tell me, how to appreciate, something, that is not there."

too much emotions there,n yet ko na mrah awek ko lak gdik n emo n stuff...shisshh!

maybe who dont realise what u got,mate...though u may not rmember me n stuff,bt hey i know that u r one of a kind!

da way i see it,ur fren tu pn xde ap yg ko ad....evn i pn xde ap ko ad...ko laen from laen dowh..

maybe ur fren tu na u pkir n fokus on what u DO have,instead of what u DONT HAVE...bsides,dats what my ustaz said syukur means,redo ngan ap yg kite ADA...

emo much,pal~

Anonymous said...

if u wanna knoe what love to family is like,go watch 'Kabhie Kushi Kabhie Gham', dat ought to help...

n btw,im not an Indian...

FiQnocchio si kipas-ssh-mati Real Madrid said...

ko sorg je tau cmner keadaan sbnr ko & aper yg ko rs tp aku stuju ngn Ozzie tu biler dier ckp kite kene redha ngan apa yg kite ADA...

jgn kesah sgt dgn aper yg kite x blh change in life, fokuskan kat aper yg kite blh contribute to change other things yg possible utk dituka..

peace, bro~

Miss Fana said...


hazium said...

kurap manyak jenis oooo..

see the boxes at the bottom (of the post) ? Tick one if you have the time. Because if the genre is disliked, similar posts won't be done. thanks. btw fuck nuffnang.