Saturday, 6 June 2009

You Guessed It

I entered the small, air-conditioned room, filled with twenty people inside. One pencil in my hand, the other hanging by my right ear. Everyone began to write down their name and matrix numbers, but i waited. like i did in school, i waited for everyone to start, then only i would begin. i read prayers to ask Him to give me success, as He has many times. The sound of people around me flipping pages was almost synchronized, almost as though that had trained hours to get the sound right.

I began the English Placement Test, and planned not to check my answers, for i was sleepy. i had dozed off, but only for a couple of minutes. Then i began my essay, whereby an argumentative topic was given. Families should have pets. Do you agree? hell no. i didn't have any points yet, but a feeling in my gut told me to disagree, and i did, and i did not regret doing so.

It is now monday, the 1st of June. I am in the Al-Malik Faisal Hall, listening to a career talk on Biomedical Science and Bio... I can't remember... I was asleep... Then an SMS had awoken me from my 2-hour sleep... "ko arab level 1, english ko kena duduk listening and speaking"

Syukur, L/S... The highest grade i could have achieved, i smiled, and the people beside me asked me why i was smiling like an imbecile. Thus i answered them, saying the EPT results have gone out. 'pendek cerita', i am exempted from taking english classes. So i smiled. 

People who i know walk by me and say "exempted sioooot" and i do the only thing that comes to mind, which is say "leks ah bro" . Only two people taking physical science are exempted, which makes me even happier. 

(exempted in this context means i do not have to take english classes because i am already proficient in the language, alhamdulillah)

I've been smiling alot lately. 

>> do not waste time on one question, the basics must be mastered.

ie>> he she it , uses "is". we, you, uses "are", i uses "am"
>> vocabulary must be mastered at a not so high level, so reading newspapers help alot
>> for the essay, just keep handwriting tidy, and dont try to be bombastic. insyaAllah you will succeed. 

all the best


FiQnocchio si kipas-ssh-mati Real Madrid said...

ni kalo ader slh grammar ke, ejaan ke dlm english ko kat blog ni, aku gi repot kat dorg suruh ko amik klas tu blk...
juz kiddin, leks ah bro...=P

shamim afiqah zulkifli said...

exempted bebeh.
w o w .

see the boxes at the bottom (of the post) ? Tick one if you have the time. Because if the genre is disliked, similar posts won't be done. thanks. btw fuck nuffnang.