Friday, 7 August 2009


Today... kan kan kan... ada new post kot?
And like you guessed it, i nk post as a girl la kot!!!?

Yes, i nak post blog ni kan, as a girl, yang, "agak" gedik jugak lah.... agak gedik glur gell!~~ OMg!! ?? Gell + glur, is that gramatically correct?? ish3

So today kan, was agak boring la kot!? I can't remember any important perisitwas happening-lah... Boring tak boring kan... ish.. BUT KAN!!~~ Semalam ada this scary thing happenned...

My physics teacher asked me an oral question (please do not relate the word oral to any sexual activity you PERVERTS), and i quote >>
" lodvi, what is the variable we are playing with here?... come on... i know you... i know you can answer" (macam sial je my cikgu call me lodvi.. but i like it.. so nevermind la kot.. lol)

WHAT-ther.... I practically FREAKED-OUT kot? KOT? C-O-A-T lol ? BECAUSE KAN... how can my Physics teacher tuh.... yang i practically know for a month or so... says he knows me? CAm... tak SCARY ke... cam S-C-A-R-Y ke?

Tiba-tiba je my cikgu Physics (yang asal dari Iraq tuh( cakap die KENAL cam K-E-N-A-L I? Gila la!!! Scary glur gell!! Oh-My-God... did i just do that gell + glur combo again... OMG... sorry la KOT... K-O-T ? ? lol

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(my point is that girls, or some girls anyway, open so many blog accounts, which blog about the same thing over and over. why not INTEGRATE the blogs? and save time? and energy? and time? and energy? WHY DID I TYPE ENERGY AND TIME TWICE? its because YOU SAVE A LOT OF TIME AND ENERGY by INTEGRATING blogs FOOL.)

1. the moral of the story is, INTEGRATE BLOGS.
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3. SMS your mum and tell her i kirim salam and that you love her lol (tiba ajah)

dick dick dick


Farhanah Izani said...

kejam la this post.

haziq ayob said...

cl i c k

haziq ayob said...

camne nk plangkn buku ko

ida yusoff said...

like like
i dont feel offended at all as a girl

Izura Shukor said...

Weh, apa yang kejamnya?

farhanahizani said...

About byk2 blogs tuh.
terasa ohh at first.
but now x dh la
Cz 1 blog je :)

see the boxes at the bottom (of the post) ? Tick one if you have the time. Because if the genre is disliked, similar posts won't be done. thanks. btw fuck nuffnang.