Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Gembira @ Happy @ Glücklich @ Joyeux

Jadi, mari BerSuper Lancau.

I wake up, its 6 o'clock. I'm at Cendawans. The hostel is silent; too silent. So I look to my right, my friend is still sleeping. My heart whispers to me : Why be awake and shower when nobody else has showered? Bukan dapat awek pun bangun awal-awal, pakai semart-semart, kan?

I can't believe how my thoughts were that bernas; so i went back to sleep.

I wake up, its 7: 15 a.m, and i rush, to the toilet. BUT ITS FULL. I shout "bro lama lagi ke?!", but there is not response. But i can hear the sound of SOAPING (EUUUUUUUUUW) and water SPLASHING (DOUBLE EUW la kot?) note: LOUD SOAPING. [by my standards, soaping sounds at night or petang is okay, but morning? too soon brah, too soon]

I run across the hall, and shower in my neighbours toilet. Then i go to The College, with last week's socks, the same shoes i wear everyday, and my Wednesday shirt. (assuming it was Wednesday that is, I cant remember what day la ekceli).

I reach the classroom, BUT then i realise something. Something of great importance to every human being on this earth, I FORGOT TO BRUSH MY TEETH? << (this yellow is current color of my teeth btw) Like WTF, I swear its the third time of the week i forgot to do so. I'm in such a rush in the morning sometimes i just forget. And The whole day is ruined.

I will fast forward to 6.00pm


I reach my bathroom, around this time, and look at my toothbrushing apparati (lol) apparatuses. My toothbrush seems healthy and hygenic, but wait...
Why is my Darlie toothpaste looks as though its almost finished?
[ Keeping in mind i use my toothpaste once a day most of the time due to EHEM2 (keselebetan @ disgustingness) ]

Why is the casing(?) or outside of the toothpaste covered in this black substance? The dirt around the toothpaste tube looks like Daki, @ the underneath of an unwashed armpit.

I see the other toothpastes on the sink, one is branded Wiz (?). I have never heard of the brand. The other is Suci (?) or Wangi (?) or Sugi (?) but all i know is that the other toothpastes werent as good as my Darlie toothpaste.

I can imagine my roomates, all 4 of them, (especially the Suci toothpaste user) licking the tip of my minty new Darlie toothpaste. Then again, i maybe paranoid. Argh, i need new toothpaste. someone sms me a reminder =)

(no offence to room 2503)


Serph said...

ahh...ni citer ble neh..mesti saadoun yg jilat lol

Malyque (عبد الملك محمود مناف) said...

u jumpa ur muse balik.........jealous glew kowt~

farhanahizani said...

what's wrong with soaping?
shower = kne sabun la kan?

see the boxes at the bottom (of the post) ? Tick one if you have the time. Because if the genre is disliked, similar posts won't be done. thanks. btw fuck nuffnang.