Sunday, 27 September 2009

My First Time

This blog is titled to mislead others.

But I really do Want to share my First Time experience, my first time calling the wrong person.

The Timeline is After SPM, When i was working In PJ.
I came back from work, and was tired. And wanted to call my friend. I used my shitty Sony K610 phone to search for the contact i wanted to call. The person i wanted to call was a female.

I dialled, the dial tone sounded different. A guy picked up? I was suprised, and looked at the phone screen. Oh Shit i dialed the wrong person. But I couldnt just put down the phone, that would be rude.

He said "hello weh, apa khabar?"
I was out of ideas, of what to say and how to respond, it caught me off guard. I was Major F***ked at the time.

I was lost for words, So, I opted for the norm.
" WEh ko x kerja ke lepas SPM neh?
" Ko da amik lesen belum?
" Amacam weh ada interview x lepas SPM neh?
" Wah hensem la kau (lol)

I have to go now
SOrry this post is fuckin boring

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