Saturday, 12 September 2009

Yes, There is a New Post ; )

So i was planning to write this entry this morning at 6.01 a.m, but instead i fell asleep, and regretted not doing so. So here i am at 5.08p.m., trying to recall what i was going to write. Let me give a mukadimah (into) first hand

Ayuh kita berhenti dari berbicara tentang najis, tentang Chirit khususnya, dan selami cerekarama yang paling kerap kita semua tonton, yakni Kehidupan Harian sebagai Manusia Biasa.
(Let us put aside Diarrhoea for a moment and bread something that we all can relate to Life)

0430+- +8GMT 12092009

I am not asleep, for the Manga Bawal introduced to me the night after was quite interesting after all. I spend some hours behind the computer looking at Guitar Tabs and Chords and Manga and brainstorm for ideas; for my blog.

Then I hear my doorknob being spun rapidly, as though someone was urgently trying to get in. But you see, the door was locked. I could hear someone opening my sister's door, then opening the toilet door (all in a rush), then I see a familiar face; mum.

It was my mum, at 0430 a.m.. I am usually annoyed if i were interrupted at this hour, but not this time,
for she was bleeding

She said she was opening 'lauk' then she cut her hand, and asked me to drive her to SJMC, which i eventually did after wearing my clothes.We reached the hospital at 0500a.m. or so, and i was tired. A day without sleep, my eyes were red (redder than usual) and my head was light.

I asked mum permission to go to the store nearby SJMC, while she waited for treatment.

I bought a Red Bull, and when i drank it stung my lips. For my lips too were bleeding. They were dry, i dont know for what reason. But i am okay with the sting, for pain wakes me up. It was a long wait, for the Doctor. I watched The Happening on the HospitalTV.

The wait was killing me, for i didnt bring my phone. Even if i did bring it, what would i do, text? no girlfriend. play games? dont have good ones installed. Buy cigarettes at the store? i dont smoke. The wait killed me, for it made me think.

it made me realise that i havent been there for my mum, except this time. i dont say thank you to her consistently, and i barely am home to lepak with her. and i am her little boy, though i am 17 or 18 she still washes my clothes. her baby.

so then i end up sad, and come back home tired. feeling bad for myself. and now,
begins the 2nd period of depression.


farhanahizani said...

don't feel TOO bad : )

Serph said...

now I feel bad TOO

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