Thursday, 31 December 2009


Yeah, it is one of those days.

brb, i wana draw a diagram

For those not taking physics, ie those who are taking the important subjects in life, ie; physics @ mechanics, this question will be familiar. For those taking the lesser important subjects @ courses, but who claim to be "just as important as physics and mechanics".

note (for ignorant people): remember that it is not psychology or law that keeps a 60-storey building, but physics and the materials, and laws of physics and principles. (other things are important, but physics keeps you from rain and lets you travel etc etc, so logically it is the essence of life ((if you wanna debate go find a debater not me, cause i most probably hate you)) )

anyway, ive been having problems lately. a problem similar to the question that i drew the diagram of.

assuming the  acceleration of gravity of earth is 9.81ms-², and the force pushing up is 15N, and the one pushing down is 5N, and the coefficient of friction is 0.3, you have to find the acceleration of the object moving upwards.

I dont know if its possible, (because i havent calculated wheter the force pushing up is strong enough), but this question is damn annoying.
1- calculate the normal
2- calculate frictional force
3- then 15N - the 2, and the force of the object itself sliding down the surface.

STEP 2 is fucking long man, and this, is the problem i had. A LONG PROBLEM.

and this, is my problem.
YOU see in life there are people, and in people, we see more important people than others. and this, is where the title hierarchy (i think i misused the word but go to hell for judging me), for, we have a pyramid of people in our lives.
here is the pyramid for guys

wtf? not a pyramid? well, its a line la. babi-la kecoh plak x pyramid. anyway, see how it goes BROs BEFORE HOes?

yeah, so like i spent a night out with MA HOMIES, (homies = alam shah people who i slept beside and shared my komodo lion toothpaste ((best toothpaste ever)) and ate with and stole from and lied to and was lied by and skipped class with and ran across streets at alamanda with) for 5 freaking years, 
then a HO (not actual whore, but a person who i knew not longer than the 5 year period mentioned) nags me

come on ah, i need my time with ma homies la nigga. nak jugak lepak with homies for a long time, cause i havent seen them, even though some are gay, some i hate, some i have gay feelings for (lol), i still need the time.

cause of the hierarchy, its like the circle of life. how a plants grows, then, a plant is made into food, then the food is eaten by a fat guy, then obesity drowns the fat guys heart with cholesterol and shit then he dies by a heart attack, its life, and thats how it should be.

the most famous ship to sail earth maybe the titanic, but that sank. though not as famous, but the friendship sails and though sinks it will float or like be resurrected la somehow. you know.

grow up (this is long post cause this is 2 posts la ekceli, so im not gay or a lady.) by the way, i love you =) esp u. yes u. ur gay cause i love you male dude lol. i spelt dude fufe but i backspaced it lol


izi said...

shit! aku paling x suka soalan physics yg cmtu! aritu final sem nyer exam aku tibai je kot...hahaha

haziq ayob said...

smart gak circle of life yg ko wat

see the boxes at the bottom (of the post) ? Tick one if you have the time. Because if the genre is disliked, similar posts won't be done. thanks. btw fuck nuffnang.