Friday, 25 December 2009

It would be nice though

It is rare that people remember what they dream. It is even rarer (?) for me to remember what i dream because just when its about to end, i wake up.

But this time, it different, somehow i remember what i dreamt (?), though not in detail. It was me, parallel parking a big yellow bus. I had tried once, and failed, then the 2nd time, i got lazy, and just lifted/ hoisted the bus into place. voila. easy peasy.

this is a random post.

some people write really longs posts in their blogs, but i am a disciple of Pn Sarminah, and we, or most of us (Sassians 0408 of Set A 2007-2008) have a vow that we hold on to, a vow we bring to the grave. K I S S.

Keep It Short & Simple.

Which is why i detest longs posts, but there is more. For i believe in the saying 
Quality over Quantity
I don't know if they have this saying in other languages, because i read my friend's blog that he/ she has 400++ blog posts, and people would go "good on ya chap" or "wow banyak gila", but not for me, cause there is no quality (no offence), (there is quality la but not enough) (dont amik hati afterwards i pujuk k?)

400 long and draggy essays / posts dont define a blog, in fact, for me, being a disciple of Pn Sarminah, I find it somewhat against the rules. It wasn't short, nor was it simple, but above all, it lacked a POINT, thus; it lacked the 1st and utmost the most important S in KISS, Sweet.

At first i wanted to write about fat people in The Biggest Loser but somehow i am writing about this. Don't write shorter blogs cause i tell you, remain who you are, long and boring lol. My opinion doesnt matter anyway.  

Anyway most blog posts are song lyrics. For yor information, in case you still live in the year 2005 or something, that is out of date. you know, posting a blog with lyrics or something along those lines, is unoriginal, it bland, its mundane lol. but dont change. its nice. i just wanted to get this off my chest publicly.

word of 2009 = mundane


farhanahizani said...

i so hate you right now

izi said...

pn sarminah salim....dia pronounce 'second' sbg 'seken' with the second 'e' after the 'k' bunyi cm huruf 'e' french yg ada apostrophe kat atas tu =P

see the boxes at the bottom (of the post) ? Tick one if you have the time. Because if the genre is disliked, similar posts won't be done. thanks. btw fuck nuffnang.