Sunday, 13 December 2009

a Jeeva?

I am slowly releasing the pedal of the serious note, and placing it on the brakes this week.

A song always aired on radio in Malaysia is that not-so-new Akon Song, David Guetta feat Akon,

In the song there's a part when Akon says
>>"Yes she's a Jeeva (?)" "something-something i wanna be her"(?) "

I don't understand most parts of the song, and i don't think anyone who hasn't googled the lyrics can either.

But in relation to Akon's mumblings, I wanna say that I have the pleasure of having a friend named Jeeva. He is this almost if not 6 foot tall beast, very warm, and its almost as if he is the perfect candidate for Jacob in Twilight. lol. In case you haven't seen twilight, new moon, and or twilight, don't watch both, cause they suck so hard like Dyson Top Quality Vacuums.

Light Sound and all Electromagnetic Waves move at the speed of light in the presence of the Twilight series saga; ie: they suck so hard they create a perfect vacuum.

Anyway, on Jeeva, he and myself went to a Dinner for a Prizegiving ceremony one night.

We sat on the same if not adjacent tables, then he came to me.

"Weh, ko dah tengok ManU?"
(i thought he was asking me about football, and whether i wanna go catch a football match with him. He is after all a die hard Manchester United fan.

"pukul berapa, lawan team apa?"
(sadly he could not hear me over the commotion in the hall)

Then Jeeva pointed to the table
"kau dah tengok MENU belum?"

Then i was Segan nak mampus, but the thank god he didn't hear me. I controlled my machoness, and maintained Segak and Tampan. I think he didn't hear me anyway. Nice food. Yeah, nice food that night.


Anonymous said...

the movies, yes.
the books, NOOOO.

izi said...

senja, senja: bulan baru, senja: gerhana, senja: subuh baru itu sume sux =)

Anonymous said...

tetapi buku dia best

John L said...


see the boxes at the bottom (of the post) ? Tick one if you have the time. Because if the genre is disliked, similar posts won't be done. thanks. btw fuck nuffnang.