Sunday, 6 December 2009

Let Me Tell You Why

This is a post berkait with the fat post, which is the post prior to this one. PLease scroll down if you haven't read it. 

First and foremost, too many people assume they are fat. Here is the definiotn of fat according to the Collins Student Dictionary
>> Being fat (for a male) is when you look down, but fail to see your EHEM² because your belly is so big, you have to push your belly aside, or lift all that belly fat, then you succeed in seeing your EHEM

>>For a female, there is no specific definition of fat. But a sign of being fat is when your boyfriend's bones go CRACK or SNAP or he says "p*ki betul berat s*al" when giving you a piggy back ride (if still able to talk after breaking his spinal chord)

I may have lied about where i referred the definition, but i think it implies strongly what being fat is.

People think of a thousand reasons of being fat, emotional eater la, genetik la, but the truth is, its because i wrote the post. BEcause a skinny guy hates fat people, and the skinny guy has red eyes, and isn't too handsome or hot or whatsoever, people begin to bantah macam sial.

The fact is, being fat causes diabetes  breast cancer (including men) gallstones reduces immunity oesophagus cancer nonalcoholic steatophepatitis heart attack.

You can live to protect and find reasons to uphold the fat and blabber of fat people, or you can support the cause, and tegur orang gemuk. they are smelly and take up excess space, they order banyak gila babi barang while queing at the McD drive thru, they walk slowly at unbelievably slow speeds lol.

these are just personal things or grudges i have with fat people, i dont hate them. dont get me wrong. i care for them, which is why i write this. i dont want your fat kids and fat mums and fat siblings to mati awal, so i am teguring here, as a friend, informally, in a way that orang boleh paham, so orang boleh gelak while belajar.

eat less, exercise more, less tv, more you and me. =)


John L said...

N dey take up 2 seats at the cinema or in an airplane, etc, etc...

LOL, "piggy back ride"

And yeah, fat ppl may not be terrible people, but its just gross to see them eat so much and their B.O. and everything

Malyque (عبد الملك محمود مناف) said...

people bantah because you didn't get your facts straight...

BEING SKINNY DOESN'T MEAN YOUR NOT FAT!!! it's what's on the inside that counts~

you're judging the book cover dude, just because some people have fat bulges underneath their skin doesn't prove that he/she is unhealthy...and that is exactly what you're doing. if you're preaching a healthy lifestyle, you should've made the post more general rather than "especially"~

what really matters most is WHERE THE FAT IS ACCUMULATING. you can be normal weight/anorexic and be just as bad off as that old tubby in the bus with B.O.~

examined records of more than 5000 adults with metabolic abnormalities such as hypertension, high cholesterol levels, low HDL levels, etc. was found that 23.5% ADULTS OF NORMAL WEIGHT WERE METABOLICALLY ABNORMAL whereas 51.3% OVERWEIGHT ADULTS and 31.7% OBESE ADULTS WERE METAOLICALLY HEALTHY~

the ones with normal BMI scores:
women: 45%, men: 60% had excessive levels of internal fat.

nearly 800 people were scanned with MRI to create maps of fats showing where it was stored. results showed that people who maintain their weight through diet instead of exercise were more likely to have major deposits of internal fat (visceral fat accumulation, especially storage that surrounds vital organs), DESPITE OF THE DIFFERENCES IN WEIGHT.

THE SKINNY COMMUNITY IS LULLED INTO FALSELY ASSUMING THAT BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT OVERWEIGHT, THEY'RE NOT HEALTHY...isn't illuminating the ignorant more sophisticated rather than pointing out what is clearly obvious?

fat, active people are healthier than their skinny, inactive counterparts...thus mortality rate favors the skinny rather than the fat~ take sumo wrestlers for instance, they're much more healthier than fit people can ever be~

@John L
i'm not grossed out by fat people who eat Big Macs, because skinny people eat Big Macs too...but i prefer Filet-O-Fishes~ =P

it pays to be outwardly judgmental...

Malyque (عبد الملك محمود مناف) said...


izi said...

good piece!!

btul3!! sokong!!

p/s: bik mama bini pm tu masuk kategori yg 'piggy ride back' tu x?? i wonder...

John L said...

Fillet O Fishes are healthier than Big Mac XD

I think Lot (and I) talkin bout people who are fat and have deteriorating health, those who don't exercise, jalan 100 meter pun nak pengsan.

And yeah, ppl like retired army officers or fire fighters usually look fat but they're actually really tough and fit.

But don't tell me fat ppl who take up about 3 seats and can't even bend over are healthy.

Maya Dealove said...

org dulu ckp, kalo lpas kawen naik berat badan, bahagia...

kalo skinny sedih...

statement yg buat rs nyampah membuak2...

tadaa... facts that i was just trying to say...

"don't hurt your body, don't hurt anybody(especially me)"

so try "deal to reduce those nasty fats"

see the boxes at the bottom (of the post) ? Tick one if you have the time. Because if the genre is disliked, similar posts won't be done. thanks. btw fuck nuffnang.