Friday, 18 December 2009

Mandi Wajib

I want to change.

I read other people's blogs, and i see that the color font while bolding things is getting too common. you know

i really miss that red balloon

so I am gonna stop doing that, I don't know who started that excellent trend, but i am just gonna stick to the sixteen shades of gray, and italic writing, though nowhere near as attractive, i just wanna make it seem more original. nobody likes fakers, except fakers themselves.

I want to justify something i wrote last time.

I want to tell you people why the Twilight saga (this time the book), sucks ass. It sucks ass so hard, that the hairs around the ***hole region are all painfully extracted from the deepest roots. Yes, that is VERY strong suction power. An estimated 280kPa.

1stly, as we all know, i have a thing against fat people. or fat people who don't want to change themselves at least, and this would include the twilight saga Author.
She may seem chubby after the make up when doing interviews on the television, but i know, deep down, that she is fat. Tubby Tub Tub.

2ndly, the plot is premature and boring. Its plain stupid romance. Wait, its not plain stupid romance. i take my words back. its stupider than that. much stupider.
She says she loves Edward than CHEATS on Edward then says she loves Jake?[ Its because fat-people don't understand how love works lol. (Reminder: author of twilight saga is fat) ]

And it wishes to be among the ranks of Harry Potter? Pathetic. It is nowhere near as long, and nowhere near as mature as the Harry Potter story. Though the characters are younger, Harry Potter provides substance, something that the author of Twilight may have not thought of (but looks like she has never heard of it aswell la kot).

Anyway, my point of posting this 3-day draft is to say:

when i went back from the masjid today, i had to lalu a sekolah. then at the sekolah punya pagar were a pair of like maybe 12 year olds, maybe 9-13 at max, that is a mere estimation though.
The FAT kid said to his curly haired friend
:Weh kena mandi wajib kan?

I didn't know how to end this blog post at first, but this is the perfect ending i can just taste it.
ps- my spidy sense is tasting it


izi said...

yes, twilight sux asz...and that mandi wajib kid is soooo bangang coz talking about that thing like so loud that this red eyes dude can hear it..

ps: twilight sux asz...gurls bukan minat sgt pun plot twilight tu...diorg just sangap edward ke ape ntah namanye vampire laki survey aku..lantak korg la..

Anonymous said...

bodo ke?
girls (who read the book BEFORE the movies came out) love romance la.
they love guys yg would protect them no matter what, yg x cheat, yg love them and only them.
but of course la.
carik la smpi mati, you won't find a guy like that pun.
cz guys bajet macho. bajet hebat sgt. bajet romance ni bullshit.

but thanks to novels like twilight la for making girls THINK they are such guys like edward (loyal, sweet, etc)
biar je la. even if it doesn't exist in reality, we still would love to imagine it.

ps; whoever sangap edward must be retarded

pps; oh, so bella cheat (note that this is just a made up story made by some FAT author), it's such a big deal? but in this real world, millions of guys cheat on their "beloved" gfs, doesn't matter la pulak.

Anonymous said...

ko manusia paling bangsat kat dunia nie.

John L said...

LOL, its like Disney with SEX sial!

And wat the... u dpt hate comment. LOL. Congrats, u got a hater. Means u doin sumthin right coz haters are just jealous

Malyque (عبد الملك محمود مناف) said...

i'm a hater too!!! fuck you lot!!! =P

see the boxes at the bottom (of the post) ? Tick one if you have the time. Because if the genre is disliked, similar posts won't be done. thanks. btw fuck nuffnang.