Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Dicks. Long. Hard. Dicks. (post not really about dicks)

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ive been bored. and frustrated. and once like last month i got mechanics marks. and they sucked eggs. once i heard the techer say "it doesnt carry marks for your final" i basically shoved a pen up my arse and answered the paper with the pen which was up my arse, ie, i did it half heartedly.

so as expected, i didn't get good marks. it was a five i think. over 35. it was obviously the lowest mark in class. but it didnt quite matter for it was expected.

so getting 5 over 35 is very very bad by anyone's standards, so i sort of merajuk in class. other people were excited about their marks, even though it wasnt going to carry marks for the final.

so everyone was "dude how many marks did you get" and i said lima ah. and they, being the really thick dicks, like dicks with like those really thick veins lol, and unshaved dicks that they are, said "weh tipu lah"

WHAT THE FU** MAN? WHY THe Hell would you ask a question, then when i answer, you tell me im lying. why the hell would i lie anyway? how would that profit me? come on, give me a break man. are you trying to tell me im stupid? is that it? well thats not the way to tell someone theyre stupid. you do that by telling them, by saying to them "kau bodoh".

by saying "ah tipu lah" or "weh betul-betul lah, markah ko berapa" or "weh cakap la betul-betul", you are being a dick. a really long, hard veiny dick. which is unshaved. yeah. thats how much and what type of dick you are. people like you. disgust even people like me. i being a person who call other people dicks, in detail, and disgusted by your means of asking how many marks i got for mechanics.

so the next time i tell you i fail, or get low marks, i mean it, you dick. people dont profit from telling you how little or how low their marks are, they are ashamed, and ashamed enough, even wothout your dickish-mocking.


Anonymous said...

wuo, ak memahami situasi ini!!!! MARKAH MED-TERM GERMAN ak lagi la paling SUX dalam kelas!!! sesungguhnya whattheFcuk kepada org yg mahu menghanjingzKan sEseorang!!
whatthefuck(versi aneel)

Kamal Lazi said...

you are possesed by a devil called dick-demon. haha.

see the boxes at the bottom (of the post) ? Tick one if you have the time. Because if the genre is disliked, similar posts won't be done. thanks. btw fuck nuffnang.