Saturday, 13 March 2010

Final Fantasy XV

Lately I've been playing Final Fantasy XXV. It is really  cool. you know like yeah. Especially that dude yeah him.

Yeah no. I ve never played Final Fantasy. But my roomates do. And my kawan sekolah rendah do. and like basically everyone who owns a PS2 does too. and that is a large proportion of our population. so usually like people talk about Final Fantasy.

but i m helpless to join. so like usually i ll go "wait no man, isnt that the like XII? i thought XII was online?"
yeah or like
"yeah tidus is cool and all, yeah i like that summoning spell"
"its damn hard to fight the boss at the end kan?,  i didn't level and it was like SUSAH gele ah weh"

its pretty pathetic but i make a thing out of it.

then theres like kingdom hearts. then people go like
"man i m looking forward to the 3rd KH"
then you just like "no man i like guitar hero better, yeah guitar hero bla3"
so basically you have to change the topic so you dont look like a freaking tiang.

its like one of those moments after the spm, everyone does it. everyone.
"weh ko berapa A?? pasni sambung mana? amik lesen dah?"

anyway, i think that, a girl with a misai can still be cute, but i find it quite hard to find a girl with kening sambung cute. i feel like spamming your facebook wall with "KENING BAIS" when i visit your profile. i am sorry but this is just honesty.

but if like are slim and all and like try to wear proper and sopan and all its okay. but i ve seen people like wear ULTRA SEXY clothes, like that spaghetti thing right, but like on her face theres like a freaking JAMBATAN PULAU PINANG. like wtf.

the other day at petronas me and my friend were sitting down waiting for some dude withdrawing money, then we saw this really sexy lady at the counter. but we couldnt see her face. her shirt was see through and you could see her black bra and everything. she was buying cigatrettes. but when she turned around, she was like "JULING SHIALL"

come on la. if you wear proper and all, people wont disrespect you. but if you were shit like that then you arent even respecting yourself. da la JULING, nak pakai sexy. tak sedar diri la. merokok plak tu. aduh. da la kedut2 lagi muka nk pakai sexy. takde keje gle

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