Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Japan ichiban

i was at the hospital. i was alone for most of the time. i was watchign some star movie show, there were subtitles but i couldnt read them cause they flew off the screen.

i was listening to some songs, while thinking of how long i had to wait. before it was my turn to see the doctor.

the last time i came i embarasseed myself.  i had a subtitue mechanics teacher at the time. her name is teng pek eng. ms teng pek eng. lovely teacher. i tell you. 

anyway, i went

"ha ya, saya nak jumpa doktor teng pek eng kak"

the nurse gelak gelak.

"mana ada teng pek eng kat sini!"

rupanya it was still doktor teng but not pek eng. some other teng.

anyway this time i saw a dude and his dad. i think the dude should be round 16 or 15 or even 18. he was with his dad, like i use to come to the hospy with my mum. the dad got tired of waiting (though i waited for an hour longer than he did)

he said

"you all ah, nurses ni, attendants, you all need training la. how long more ah i have to wait ah? my son bla bla bla"

the nurses went "please calm down sir, there is a waiting list"

but the dude went on and one, damn rude. his son was playing psp. gampang. kaya gampang. damn muthrfx.

anyway, i saw this japanese man. he had brought his translator along. then when his appointment ended, he bowed to his translator. his translator bowed back. then he bowed. then his translator bowed back. then guess what. yeah he bowed. until one point the translator went like "sorry i gtg" then didnt bow but went away.

looked like 2 stupid chickens. though i know its polite. it just looks like chickens.

then when the japanese dude was called by the nurse, he went and stood in fornt of the counter in a "senang diri" position. with arms behind his back. like kawad style. damn cools.

kawad style oh yeah

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