Monday, 8 March 2010


people and like hyped nerd students are goin to  be googling UTP and Universiti Teknologi Petronas in the next few weeks, so i'm gonna make this post about my (crappy) experience at Universiti Teknologi Petronas Educamp. Educamp 2010. 

I want to Universiti Teknologi Petronas Educamp 2009 when it was still 2008, cause i was in the trial results Educamp. If you are driving there, and you find yourself lost in the Hutan Belantara of Malaysia (specifically Perak), then have no fear, for UTP dwells well in the Woods of Malaysia.

the UTP is in Tronoh, but people will make stupid lame jokes. Utp kat TORONTO, hHAHahHAah, kan Tronoh bunyi macam TORONTO. oh UTP is near OTAWA, kan its near Air TAWAR. kan AIR TAWAR SOUNDS LIKE OTAWA. Kelakar kan? gila kan?
 kan? lawak kan? bodo. tak lawak.

I arrived there a day early, only to be greeted by my best Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah Friends Mohd Haziq bin Ayob, and Khairuzzikri Sagi. And the thing we did next was look for an iron and some food together. So we walked the Crappy Asrama blocks, the names were like Pentana and Duyung. I get the name Pentana, cause it was a sciencish thing, but duyung is a myth. so ntah. (duyung is actually name of island where they gali minyak, try say this during ur interview u will get CAPAP MARKS + 5)

anyway, the first day during educamp was confusing and tiring, since we had to do alot of walking, and they gathered all students in the hall. here, u had to pass ur your copy of sijils and a shitload of personal documents. then you made ur way up a shitload of stairs to the star wars HALL!!! 

then the KETUA PELAJAR of UTP or KETUA SISWA or whatever gave a speech. He was from terengganu, he said. His English was crappy. It was a disgrace to all Terengganu people, because most student who were sleeping at the time, woke up to say "budu" or "petrolieung @ petroliung @ petrooo (no L) "

his pronunciation sucked. and so did the sucking of the EDUCAMP. anyway, next we had to take some english and logic tests. they were hard. the logic tests were like those online IQ tests, but the English tests were like those EST questions.

eg: the car is blue.
Question : how many doors does the car have?
a) the car has no tyres.
b) the car has a sunroof
c) i like lorries


anyway. most students dont complete the tests, so if you dont complete it, dont worry. i completed it though, and still didnt get the scholarship, so, i recommend you not to complete it.

anyway, next day, were the interviews. the Universiti Teknologi Petronas Educamp interview tips. there was a group discussion, where u were divided into groups then u had to discuss social and scientific topics. in my group there was this girl named Zunnurrain. she was annoying gila sial. i discussed the typical Malaysian Topics. Rempit. come on lah UTP, rempit? this topic is so 2000 and late, and im like so 2008 kot. come on la UTP. anyway the interview in groups is okay, the individual interview is hard, cause there is noone to cover ur ass. that black hairy ass of urs.

then the last day, there are no activities, so i slept with zigu and haziq.

the last day, we had to take the bus to the train station to go back to KL, and it was raining. so like we still had to queue in the rain to get into the bus. and i was sittting already in the bus next to this realy hot girl, and i made small talk, and she was like all "hi lotfiiiiiiiii" and i was like "my long hair is so macho when its wet, damn im handsome"

but then zikri and haziq were standing up cause they didnt have places to sit. then the bus driver said
"weh korang turun, tak boleh berdiri"

damn gelabah, so i had to get off, then as i came off i screamed "babi"

the girl laughed when i got off. damn tiao.

anyway, the educamp was great. google educamp
educamp educamp educamp interview educamp official website educamp requirements educamp official documents educamp date educamp details directions to UTP map to UTP lol nark lol


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John Loo said...

Cute. LOL. And your blog semakin banyak spam comments, haha. Time to enforce captcha.

afiqah said...

mana ada soalan english dia mcm tu..
ok je.. mcm english spm...
n all the tests r reasonable..
compared to other interview, petronas yg paling ok *sbb bleh jwab :)*

tu je nak comment :)

Anonymous said...

you yang tak boleh succeed masuk utp with scholarship, or mebi u x dpt pon masok utp... u nk ckp educamp macam2.. baru educamp dah hancus n menggelabah.. ptt la kan~ hahaahaa.. budak sebelah u dlm bas tu xde lah hot mane pon... duh!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA...such a crappy baby whining of nothin..

Anonymous said...

hek eleh blogger nih.... bapak kaya nak mampos, berangan nak scholar lak..
sian la kat org miskin yang berusaha gile2 utk mak bapak dorang... kau pegi mampos la ngn social + hipokrit + playboy life kau tuh.. ish2

Anonymous said...

Manusia = makhluk Allah s.w.t xprnah lari dr, just tepuk dada tya iman la beb..better watch out with ur words..hehe..yg buruk tu dtg dr diri yg hina yg baik tu dr Allah s.w.t...daa...

SN'ALIAH said...

aha, sarcastic kott~

see the boxes at the bottom (of the post) ? Tick one if you have the time. Because if the genre is disliked, similar posts won't be done. thanks. btw fuck nuffnang.