Monday, 12 April 2010

Malaysia decides to stop production and selling of 14-cigarette packs


Something. Cigarettes. I read about them in The Sun. The free newspaper you can get delivered to your doorstep daily for just 30sen a copy. that Sun.

It said the government is going to stop selling 14cigarette packs.

Im liking this idea. Not for any specific reason, but just due to the fact that it gave me something to write about. something that is close to our hearts, the tobacco and tar which clogs our vessels. I don't know what vessels, but i know some type of vessel.

Anyway, i think there is a misunderstanding going on. Because without 14 cigarette packs, kids will have to smoke 6 more cigarettes per pack. The government are seeing the glass as half empty, or totally empty. To them its "weh, aku xde duit nak beli 20 batang. jadi aku tak jadi merokoklah"

but in reality, its "aku sekarang perlu merkok lebih 6 batang je, bukan beza sangat pun harga dengan yang 14 batang". i think i am one to give an opinion on this, since in my school days, my best friends were James Winston, Marlboro Chia and Ong Pol Mol.

Ive never heard of a smoker who goes "oh since i don't have the money to buy cigarettes, i guess i'll just have to not buy them", cause this is higly unlikely. its more like "bodo punya ****, pergi jack harga, tengok, lunch sekarang aku tak jadi makan, rokok je lebih"

cause cigarettes are easy to get. relatively cheap (to neighbouring country). there has to be another way to stop people from smoking. and i think that halting the selling of 14 cigarette packs is not one of them.

another thing is that i have never been asked "hey adik umur berapa?" when i was in Alam Shah and wanted to buy cigarettes at Petronas. its just a myth, that underaged kids can't buy smokes. its not just a myth, its a joke. It was more like "adik pasti tak nak yang 20 batang ke? kami sedang ada promosi"

yeah, me, in my baju rasmi sekolah, with the lambang sekolah, and my underaged bululess face, was asked this question. nice. if the authorities are serious about reducing the number of smokers, then theyre not doing it right. Or doing it right, but not trying it hard enough? ntoh
so i have a suggestion for this government. how bout, ok, read this, uhuh, how about, apa kata, what say, that, we, ahah, apa kata, kita buat kempen, haah. kempen. bes gila kempen. nama kempen tu kan, kan, TAK BOLEH. its like TAK NAK, but if you realised it, i changed the word NAK with BOLEH? kan? haah. camtu ah, so like. ni cam.

weh lot, jom rokok. then ill go "tak boleh". cause, its not really a nak pun. u understand? then its like, the poster. of it. is empty. like. theres nothing. instead of the crooked rokok, the TAK Nak rokok, we'll have nothing. ie, we didn't take the cigarette at all.

then the iklan for the campaign, is like, "skrin putih. then it says. 'turn up your volume'. then gullible rakyats will actually turn up the volume. then. the suara iklan dude, the one who does the ASTRO BEYOND voice will say "JANGAN MEROKOK LA BANGSAT". TAK BOLEH MEROKOK 2010"

oh yes. nice. if you want to buy this idea government, i dont care of which country pun, i will trade it for an Xbox 360, a bass guitar, and new rims for my myvi. that is all. serious berbaloi dowh jeebs.

come on la jeebs, serious laku dowh.


John Loo said...

Haha, nice idea XD

Tu ar, bila da ketagih, makan pun xya.

Izzat Syamil said...

bgos btol idea ko,,bernas!tp skrang ade care nk berhenti,beli electronic expensive kompem leh berhenti nyer..

maPieCeoFarT said...

cool...! TAK BOLEH instead of TAK NAK... seriously... you're brilliant!

Malyque (عبد الملك محمود مناف) said...

dude, you're starting to sound're definitely aging~

see the boxes at the bottom (of the post) ? Tick one if you have the time. Because if the genre is disliked, similar posts won't be done. thanks. btw fuck nuffnang.