Friday, 9 April 2010

mara interview 2010

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Today i want to share my experience to the mara interview. they say you cant go to both JPA and MARA, well, i say, THEY LIED. And i am the living proof of that lie, cause i went to both.

I don't remember what day it was, but i do remember that some friends came along with me, to the interview. the mara interview 2009 was the one i attended, and my friends had brought their folders and essays, all looking brilliantly confident.

I woke up at six, or later than that, with a bad stomach. this, is what almost ruined my day, and also could have ruined my friends' future, for i had to drive to kl, to the interview. TIP 1- better ask your mum to depart early, and go early cause the traffic jam sucks arse, and the organisation of the interviews are not good, you barely know where to go, and what to do, when you arrive. 

as i arrived, i rushed straight to the toilet, there i met some people. they looked at me in the most "weh dia ni selekeh gila la shiot" way, cause, i was wearing a sweater and jeans, and slippers. the reason for this is because i didnt attend the scholarship for the interview, i was merely the driver for my friends.

anyway, as i sat down waiting for my friends to finish their interviews, a makcik came down and sat next to me. she had her daughter alongside her, the daughter held a piece of paper, and had a pen in hand. what was she doing? she was writing her essay. TIP 2 - dont write the essay at the interview location, you should already have it printed out.and ready.

then the makcik said to me -"anak saya ni bagus gle. dia ni stret A. pmr stret A. smua stret A. dia nk jd doktor. then she asked me "adik dpt brapa spm" i sed "saya bio B bm A2, maklum saya ni sengal, saya xappply MARA, saya apply JPa lagi best"

then she made a "dia ni sengal gila, selekeh pulak tu" face. her daughter was like quiet, i thought she was ashamed of her mum, rupanya she said "ntah, saya nk amik pharmacy la, bukan medik mak" then continued writing her esssay. anyway, i waited for Zigu, my friend, he said it was easy, all was well. but the my other friend X came out, X said "weh aku blank dowh, dia tanya soalan pelik". it turns out that, he was actually blank. so the interviewer tried to help him. but the problem was, he couldnt help himself, cause he memorised the dialog, so when the interviewer asked "kamu dari mana? ada apa istimewa dekat situ" he turned blank. idiot. TIP 3 > dont memorise dialogs, and be comfortable with the interviewer, she or he will help you if you go blank, they dont eat people.

anyway, my other friend applied to go to GMI, and hadnt prepared a thing. but he was the confident type, who had no worries. so he just said anything on his mind. he said " weh aku x prepare apa2", but he still go the mara scholarship. good for him. 

anyway, the moral of the story is, 4 of my friends got the scholarship, but two of them didn't manage to fly. they said "MARA xde duit, so aku xfly", which is quite sad. cause they worked their butts off to learn overseas, but it seems fate is against them. so the bottom line is, if you get MARA (untuk Pelajaran Ijazah Luar Negara), it doesnt mean you will study Luar Negara, cause sometimes, life sucks.

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Izzat Syamil said...

sial,,aku pn terselit..babi nyer lot..

Anonymous said...

um, excuse me. ur friends who didn't get to fly, were they MRSM students?

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