Friday, 30 April 2010

Palatschinken? Gewinnen Oh Yeah


Some women are asking for equality. And this  was proved when there was the pink commuter issue.

So the KTMB had set up this pink commuter, to let women who use the commuter take a break from being sexually harassed. But again, there were voices from 'popular and outspoken' women 'role models', in this case, wan gayah, said the pink coach was 'insulting women'

she said a lot of other (in my opinion) crap.

do you know what wan gayah is fighting for? she is a warrior, a 'saint' (konon), for gender equality. and a certain menteri is also doing the same. and a certain menteri of 'family and women' department is also doing the same.

equality, no offence wan gayah, but i beg to differ with your pov. minta izin puan shahrizat, saya ada pendapat sedikit berbeza. hey sisters of islam, marina mahathir, the whole lot. i think youre wrong. you want equality, others dont.

if women ride the commuter, they hate being molested. atau diraba. women hate being rubbed by indons and horny malays and horny other people. women. hate. being. molested. this coach was built for comfort of women. ive never heard of a man complaining of being molested by the opposite sex. though ive heard a man brag about being molested in the KTM. not complaining.

equality, is being treated equally. if you want equality, imagine you were pregnant. men, obviously, dont get pregnant. (unless they do a sex change and were pregnant beforehand). so lets say you are pregnant. and you have your own freaking orbit. cause you so  damn big. and you wanna apply for pregnant leave. but you see, men dont get pregnant leave. cause. yeah. they dont get pregnant. so you have to climb up 3 steps of stairs being 9 months pregnant. cause you want to be treated like men.then after giving birth, youre going straight back to the office.

women are not men. you cant expect to be treated equally as men. its not right.

most women dont want to work as construction workers. see the indonesians coming. the men are working as construction workers, the females as cleaners etc. why? cause being a construction worker is physically constraining. its tiring. give the more physically demanding jobs to men. thats how it was meant to be. its was like this when time began.

men and women are not equals. we have to be treated fairly, not equally. fairly always works out. equally does not. the KTMB built a coach to prevent you, being, molested. for your safety. so you can go back home, see your kids, without being ashamed deep down inside that everyday you go to work your ass is touched by a coachfull of men.

be grateful. this is not your place. may god bless you.

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weh..palatschinken=pancakes? wow..

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