Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Your Love Has Always Been Enough For Me II

So i came back home. And my mums car was at the porch, the Satria Neo. That was the only car there. That for me was no surprise, seeing that i dont expect my dad to be home at that hour (which was 10 @ 11)

So i tuned down the loud music as i steered the car into the house compound. That night it rained a little but i still left the windows open. I prefer the wind.

So I drove in. It was dark. Too dark. I dont know why but my mum doesnt like turning on the porch lights. She likes the dark, which is why i guess i sort of like it too.

Though being 19 and having a beard and a misai sket sket, it didnt stop me from being the anak bungsu. So went out of the car, excited. I know it may be silly. but i was excited. Cause i havent met my mum for a while. Though i dont do anything with her, like go out for dinner, but just seeing her face is good enough i guess.

So then i went in. And like i always did. I shouted 
"maaaaaaaaaaaaaaa oh maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

then campak my bag at the door. no response
"maaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, ohhhhh ma, ma kat atas ke? mami tido ke"

but still no response....

so i went to the guest room.. then i saw my mum praying... but she didnt pray standing like we do... like if u sakit kaki or have problems standing then u can pray sitting... then if u cant pray sitting cause u are really hurt then u can pray laying down... she prayed sitting...

when i called her name.. she ended he prayer... got up... then hugged me... like she always did...
then i asked her
"mami sakit kaki ke"

she said no... but the thing is.. when i come back.. at that hour on other days she usually is praying standing you see... so i was worried for her... and i asked her again ...
"kalau mami sakit mami cakap kat lot.. takpe"

but she said
"nanti dua tiga hari ok la lot"

i didnt want her to give the details... i was just happy that she was still there seeing what she had been through... so i hugged her... again... as always...

i wanted to say
 "lot da besar, mami boleh bagitau lot dah"
but in reality "lot tak besar"

so i shut up, and ran upstairs. where i forgot about the whole thing. only to remember again during the maths paper 2 exam (0945 18952010)... then i became all sad... then i tried to sleep... but didnt want a tasik air liur on my paper... so i doodled the remaining 45 minutes..


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my eyes are watery..sobs..

Vinod Surendiram said...

Your blog is always the best bro!!!

see the boxes at the bottom (of the post) ? Tick one if you have the time. Because if the genre is disliked, similar posts won't be done. thanks. btw fuck nuffnang.