Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Drei Dinge

you know dinge sounds like dinghy, which is like, this tube, like at sunway lagoon, macam yellow tube, and ou slide down water slies. i love roller coaster tycoon. if you do, then you rock.. if you dont. try playing it.

3 things.

the first would be taht birthday thing. it was like. faceboook sang a song, it was birthdays, shahir ridzuan, sharmir izuan, and, theyre not twins, nor are they brothers, nor are they even related. but like, i wonder if all people born on this day have nice names.shakir hizwan, maheer rajan, you know. like a pokerap! 

the 2nd is. YES I GO TO AN ALL BOYS SCHOOL!! and 22 friends like this!! "friends" la. why would anyone make a group for this? i see it as being

Im not proud of being in a boys school, cause we are jakun perempuan. like if cikgu lawa pun we all go "ooooooooh dia tu lawaaaaaaaaa" and like the hornier students go "oh cikgu tu besaaaaaaaaaaa"

thats about it kot. thats how i spent my form 1 and form 2 and form 3, form 4 my friends had phones, ie they had 3gp. porn, so i wasnt jakun sangat.

the third thing is. its my birthday tomorrow. yeay! candles candles

; )

CAN-DLES can-dles

dont marah, i know you know that, it, you know, but chill

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Whats The Point? There Isn't One

A few weeks back we had to go do our Vorpraktikum, where we had to do practical work. For me it was a relief, because for all these years as a student, we were judged by grades. And co-curiculum. and what is co-curiculum? Co-curiculum is sucking up to teachers, licking their arses, so they would let us represent the school in some minor stupid redundant pointless time wasting over-rated competition. 

So this practical involved two things. two subjects. electrical, and, benchwork thingymajigys, So in short, we had to learn about benchwork, which was like cutting metal, filing, drilling, then some other stuff. Then theres the electrical part, where we have to construct circuits and learn to take readings. 
The electric part didnt frustrate me. But the benchwork did. Its cause i have handyskills similar to a kambing gurun, ie i suck at benchwork. Because i suck at benchwork, i always made the stupidest mistakes. I didnt file proper, or drill proper, or whatever.

Filing sucks cause you have you use a stupid file, to remove millimeters of metal with a file. it takes time. so this part was where i was really slow. so i filed. and filed. and it took ages. i saw some people did it quite fast. 

I thought girls would suck at filing, cause it sort of needs MANpower. So as i was still filing, this girl's filing process was alraedy done. I was like. WHAT THE FUVL? How can your workpiece be filed? Even us guys take 2 hours to file a side? So i was like, "oh. women dont suck. i suck more. im so ashamed, buruk sangka". So cam, in my head, i had an apology for all women worldwide.

Then rupanya, some other guy who likes looking at her boobies yang filekan for her. So i was like. Bodoh la sial. Whats the point of having Vorpraktikum if you didnt do it yourself? What the hell la, orang lain penat-penat dowh, i was really frustrated.

Cause the Guy who tolong the girl, didnt even file kerja dia sendiri yet, but filekan taht konon "hot girl" punya dulu. Come on la. Why take engineering if you dont want to do the Engineering practical? If i failed, i would have to repeat the course. So what? If i should fail then i should repeat the practical. Tahts what i deserve. so thats what i should get.

Gila frust. People file for what? 6 hours? 6 Hours of ulang alik taht stupid file. but she has her kuli. Whats the point then? Aduh. Sure, she is a female, she should have her handicap. If you want your handicap, go back to the kitchen la. Im not mad anymore, but i was really mad at that moment. So i took a breather alone at the fire escape. ADehs.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Tang, Shoulder, Nominal Length

so then this dude lim didnt come to take his exam.

i was curious why, because he may not get to further his studies if he does not pass, and taking the exam is compulsory.

so  then i asked kann sheng "weh, apasal lim tak datang"

then kann sheng said "oh itu nenek dia meninggal la"

then i said "oh yeke"

then vincent mencelah

so vincent said "yalah, itu nenek dia sudah kantoi"

then i said "kantoi? kuang ajo gila cakap camtu"

then vincent said "yalah... mana ada kurang aaja la... itu colloquieael"

then i dont know how to spell colloqueial

nanti i refer balik

sudah kantoi =(

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Kasi Tayang

It weird how girls can get away with stuff that guys cant. And seeing that Equality is a hot topic these days, i think i should be joining in in this topic.

So like i said in entah mana punya post, i can see Tits everywhere at college. And asses jugak la. Especially during exams when people are sitting down then their jeans somehow malfunction then i can see their ugly bottoms.

But lets get back to tits la. You know how ladies like tayang thier cleavage or lurah or wtv, and somehow the masyarakat openly accepts this. Without memaki hamun these ladies or branding them as sluts. 

not only boobs. you know how someladies where jeans ketat gila, then you can see the shape of their bottoms. taht is also wrong. then theres those ladies which where tubes, and you can see the VAVA ooh LALA punya shape, yeah, that is beyond wrong, yet, even in Shah Alam, there are ladies wearing the sexay sexay dressses..

BUT LETS SAY there is this guy version of a lady. As in, kalau perempuan tu jadi lelaki, ini lah lelaki tu.


 So then, this guy, on a good day, would wear this really short underwear, and where the bulu kote would like be crawling out from the tepi2. this to me is the guys version of cleavage la.

if ladies can show cleavage, then i, believe, all guys should, and can, show their bulu kote in public la.

on a sexier day, guys would wear pants, where their testicle (only satu, cause if dua2 nampak cam sengaja, so satu nampak cam tak sengaja, nampak cam jual mahal sket ah). so a testicle would hang out, and it would swing side to side if the man jalan2. this would be the guys version of tetek goyang ketika jalan.

but for those lelaki which reach moksya, they will have the ULTRA SEXINESS thing. 
where, they would can, sengaja, keluarkan their penis, tapi cam SIKIT je.cam nampak pala takuk je la. cmtu ah. like you know how cam some ladies, like i met this lady at petronas seksyen 6 once, where cam we can see her nipples la. and her VAVA ooh LALA la jugak. But she wasnt naked. she was wearing see through apentah.

so like. if ladies can show tetek, cleavage, and ass shape, and VAVA shape, then laki can show testys, bulu kote, and kepala penis kan? no.

no. there is no right sexy. like there is no wrong which is better than the other wrong. i cant say "instead of bakar bayi, you should at most buang in tong sampah", cause theyre both wrong. there is no wrong which is less wrong. all wrongs are wrong.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


So i was teaching this dude to play terup.

Or cards la. betting cards. playing cars. you know the cards la.

then i say "ko bagi dia satu card lebih"

then he goes "apahal bodoh gila, apahal dapat satu card lebih pulak"

then i said "dah dia stat dulu, kena la amik satu lebih"

then we played, and when we were done, we started a new round.

i said "you give fifi satu kad lebih, bagi dia stat dulu"

then he goes "apahal bodoh gila game ni, asal dia stat dulu pulak, babi la etc etc carut"

i said "sebab dia menang, so dia stat dulu la"

then he said "apahal bodoh gila game ni, bodoh gila orang yang menang stat dulu. apa beza sial bodoh sial etc etc"

then... i ... kept quite... because i didnt want to gaduh la... because its macam babi... you know.. because every card game has its rules la kan... you dont question the rules of the game...

you dont play UNO cards.. then go "WEH APAHAL PULAK KENA REVERSE NI"... when someone puts a reverse card... or go " APAHAL +4 CARD PULAK" when someone puts a +4 card. ..

its the game... a games has its rules.. and you play it... babi la bising gila complain peraturan game card... lancau gila... i got really pissed off la.. but kept quite.. because i know how emotional he gets over the stupidest things...

aduh.. main jela.. card je pun.. its not like we were betting kan... when he teaches me a card game i just layan je.. ada i got question peraturan.. takde pun.. bodo gila

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Sex Sex SExay Ladays

You know how A Samad SAid saw a dead crow in the drain, at the post office?

Well, zaman sekarang, most drains are underground (referring to kota kemuning). So we dont see many longkangs. But i tell you, there are still longkangs which can be seen, this being what the Malaysians call longkang, or parit. its CLEAVAGE.

YEAh. the space between ladies' boobs. that cleavage. (not battle fury 35% cleavage. thats different.)

Anyway, like, i can see cleavage anywhere. Even at college. Theres this really sexy lecturer. Wait. Grammar mistake. THERE ARE EVEN REALLY SEXY LECTURERS

Yeah. but the thing is, when you pakai ketat, people tend to stare.because people have nafsu. and nafsu means, staring at boobs or asses. (simply put).

BUT when i stare at boobs or ass, i get looked at. as though i m at fault. macam. im the one who is at fault. as though i am doing the wrong thing.

Let me tell you how life should work. When you wear ketat. people stare. and you, because you wore taht slutty outfit, have to live with the fact, that people treat you like a slut, because you wear like a slut. So when i stare at your boobs, which are practically tak sabar-sabar to get out of your shirt, and your nipples, which are sharper than a 2B pencil tip, you, should accept the fact, that people stare at you.

if i do a punk hairstyle, and people call me a punk, its all good. cause im at fault. 
if u wear a shirt which screams "IM A WHORE. STARE AT MY TITS."

then you, have to accept the fact, that, you are somewhat a slut.

i cant see someone defending themselves in this situation. especially women. cause women have LOADS of kedais to choose from. in malls, most stores tend to females. YET YET YET BUT ABER TETAPI. you choose. a boob SQUEEZING dress. and want to get mad if people stare at what your children will suck on o live (your boobs)
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