Saturday, 12 June 2010

Kasi Tayang

It weird how girls can get away with stuff that guys cant. And seeing that Equality is a hot topic these days, i think i should be joining in in this topic.

So like i said in entah mana punya post, i can see Tits everywhere at college. And asses jugak la. Especially during exams when people are sitting down then their jeans somehow malfunction then i can see their ugly bottoms.

But lets get back to tits la. You know how ladies like tayang thier cleavage or lurah or wtv, and somehow the masyarakat openly accepts this. Without memaki hamun these ladies or branding them as sluts. 

not only boobs. you know how someladies where jeans ketat gila, then you can see the shape of their bottoms. taht is also wrong. then theres those ladies which where tubes, and you can see the VAVA ooh LALA punya shape, yeah, that is beyond wrong, yet, even in Shah Alam, there are ladies wearing the sexay sexay dressses..

BUT LETS SAY there is this guy version of a lady. As in, kalau perempuan tu jadi lelaki, ini lah lelaki tu.


 So then, this guy, on a good day, would wear this really short underwear, and where the bulu kote would like be crawling out from the tepi2. this to me is the guys version of cleavage la.

if ladies can show cleavage, then i, believe, all guys should, and can, show their bulu kote in public la.

on a sexier day, guys would wear pants, where their testicle (only satu, cause if dua2 nampak cam sengaja, so satu nampak cam tak sengaja, nampak cam jual mahal sket ah). so a testicle would hang out, and it would swing side to side if the man jalan2. this would be the guys version of tetek goyang ketika jalan.

but for those lelaki which reach moksya, they will have the ULTRA SEXINESS thing. 
where, they would can, sengaja, keluarkan their penis, tapi cam SIKIT nampak pala takuk je la. cmtu ah. like you know how cam some ladies, like i met this lady at petronas seksyen 6 once, where cam we can see her nipples la. and her VAVA ooh LALA la jugak. But she wasnt naked. she was wearing see through apentah.

so like. if ladies can show tetek, cleavage, and ass shape, and VAVA shape, then laki can show testys, bulu kote, and kepala penis kan? no.

no. there is no right sexy. like there is no wrong which is better than the other wrong. i cant say "instead of bakar bayi, you should at most buang in tong sampah", cause theyre both wrong. there is no wrong which is less wrong. all wrongs are wrong.


Anonymous said...

this is too harsh lot!
it's true somehow..
i hate girls yg suka tayang2...
mcm la lawa sgt!

koora said...

geli nya -_-

see the boxes at the bottom (of the post) ? Tick one if you have the time. Because if the genre is disliked, similar posts won't be done. thanks. btw fuck nuffnang.