Tuesday, 8 June 2010


So i was teaching this dude to play terup.

Or cards la. betting cards. playing cars. you know the cards la.

then i say "ko bagi dia satu card lebih"

then he goes "apahal bodoh gila, apahal dapat satu card lebih pulak"

then i said "dah dia stat dulu, kena la amik satu lebih"

then we played, and when we were done, we started a new round.

i said "you give fifi satu kad lebih, bagi dia stat dulu"

then he goes "apahal bodoh gila game ni, asal dia stat dulu pulak, babi la etc etc carut"

i said "sebab dia menang, so dia stat dulu la"

then he said "apahal bodoh gila game ni, bodoh gila orang yang menang stat dulu. apa beza sial bodoh sial etc etc"

then... i ... kept quite... because i didnt want to gaduh la... because its macam babi... you know.. because every card game has its rules la kan... you dont question the rules of the game...

you dont play UNO cards.. then go "WEH APAHAL PULAK KENA REVERSE NI"... when someone puts a reverse card... or go " APAHAL +4 CARD PULAK" when someone puts a +4 card. ..

its the game... a games has its rules.. and you play it... babi la bising gila complain peraturan game card... lancau gila... i got really pissed off la.. but kept quite.. because i know how emotional he gets over the stupidest things...

aduh.. main jela.. card je pun.. its not like we were betting kan... when he teaches me a card game i just layan je.. ada i got question peraturan.. takde pun.. bodo gila

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