Thursday, 24 June 2010

Whats The Point? There Isn't One

A few weeks back we had to go do our Vorpraktikum, where we had to do practical work. For me it was a relief, because for all these years as a student, we were judged by grades. And co-curiculum. and what is co-curiculum? Co-curiculum is sucking up to teachers, licking their arses, so they would let us represent the school in some minor stupid redundant pointless time wasting over-rated competition. 

So this practical involved two things. two subjects. electrical, and, benchwork thingymajigys, So in short, we had to learn about benchwork, which was like cutting metal, filing, drilling, then some other stuff. Then theres the electrical part, where we have to construct circuits and learn to take readings. 
The electric part didnt frustrate me. But the benchwork did. Its cause i have handyskills similar to a kambing gurun, ie i suck at benchwork. Because i suck at benchwork, i always made the stupidest mistakes. I didnt file proper, or drill proper, or whatever.

Filing sucks cause you have you use a stupid file, to remove millimeters of metal with a file. it takes time. so this part was where i was really slow. so i filed. and filed. and it took ages. i saw some people did it quite fast. 

I thought girls would suck at filing, cause it sort of needs MANpower. So as i was still filing, this girl's filing process was alraedy done. I was like. WHAT THE FUVL? How can your workpiece be filed? Even us guys take 2 hours to file a side? So i was like, "oh. women dont suck. i suck more. im so ashamed, buruk sangka". So cam, in my head, i had an apology for all women worldwide.

Then rupanya, some other guy who likes looking at her boobies yang filekan for her. So i was like. Bodoh la sial. Whats the point of having Vorpraktikum if you didnt do it yourself? What the hell la, orang lain penat-penat dowh, i was really frustrated.

Cause the Guy who tolong the girl, didnt even file kerja dia sendiri yet, but filekan taht konon "hot girl" punya dulu. Come on la. Why take engineering if you dont want to do the Engineering practical? If i failed, i would have to repeat the course. So what? If i should fail then i should repeat the practical. Tahts what i deserve. so thats what i should get.

Gila frust. People file for what? 6 hours? 6 Hours of ulang alik taht stupid file. but she has her kuli. Whats the point then? Aduh. Sure, she is a female, she should have her handicap. If you want your handicap, go back to the kitchen la. Im not mad anymore, but i was really mad at that moment. So i took a breather alone at the fire escape. ADehs.


John Loo said...

Life is fair sial.

Breather = smoke XD

John Loo said...

And typos suck ass. I meant ISN'T! Life ISN'T fair!

Anonymous said...

LOL. Life is fair no XD

fafa said...

not smoke!!!! boo!

John Loo said...

Weh, haters, u can hate me more at my blog XD

see the boxes at the bottom (of the post) ? Tick one if you have the time. Because if the genre is disliked, similar posts won't be done. thanks. btw fuck nuffnang.