Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Ears, Eyes, Nose, Mouth

one day i was lepaking with Kamal's dad, and Kamals dad is like a really old person with lots of experience, though he not that old.

and you know how old people roll, they always like to lecture, and talk about what they read, and what we the youth should read, and about what they know, and about what we should know. Usually in that order aswell. 

As a classic example, would be a book he read, which i dont know the title of, but, i do remember the isi penting. which was basically, the tale of why God made man's face in such a way from top to bottom.

The tale of the ears, eyes, then the mouth, not really the nose. As you can see, the ears and the eyes are sort of level, and at the bottom, would be the mouth. In short, the ears and the eyes are closer to the brain than the mouth. and this is so, for a very special reason.

like any old man, he would ask me a question.
'why are the eyes and ears, placed higher than the mouth'
then without waiting for an answer (like any other old man), he answered the question himself

"it is because, we need to hear what others have too say first. / see what is going on first, then only, after thinking, do we talk"

which is rarely done nowadays, because before we get to finish speaking, we are usually cut short. and we usually cut others short aswell before they finish speaking. especially myself. 

renungkanlah (konon)

Sunday, 11 July 2010

the Sweetness

So this one time, i had won this competition thingy. It was 2003? 2002? and so, like any other sekolah rendah kid, i had to go on the pentas for perhimpunan, to take the hadiah.

but unlike any other kid, i was blessed as the guru besar punya anak,

i remember this day because it was funny, and sweet, and awkward, but fun?

yes, so then, they called up my name, and off i went onto the pentas of SKPJP.

then my mum, the guru besar, was the person yang bagi hadiah.and so i went on the pentas, and there my mum was, wearing her baju kurung ala guru besar. making her guru besar face. making her mum face aswell. so then i took the hadiah.

then my mum said
"haaaaaaa lot! cakap apa?"

then i said
"thank you mami, thank you cikgu"

then i was embarassed because the teachers heard that my mum asked me to say thank you. then i was like oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh HAAHHAHAhaAHAHAHHaha

ah malu.


Friday, 9 July 2010


For those with normal laptops, you can watch my new video here. it is not as good as the first one, though i hope it is still entertaining. i took me half a week cause i cant find my mood. migraines really suck ass.

do enjoy!

Pain Pain Go Uh Wey

So ONe day i had a migraine. Its a new thing taht ive been having. like a trend. to have a migraine.

It was really bad taht i cried myself to sleep, and its hard to cry due to pain, for me.

So this migraine really hurt. i tried lying down, turning off the lights, sleeping, staying awake, being semi awake, playing games, watching tv while sitting, watching tv while lying down, pretending to watch tv. watching tv while sleeping.

i tried everything 

when i have a migraine or a really bad stomach ache, noone asks me. which is nice because privacy is a treasure.

but one person does.

so that one person asked me
"are u ok"

i say

then they ask

i say
"sakit kepala"

they say

then like. come on man what the fark. how the hell would i know why im having a migraine. why ask me this stupid question.

when i go to the doctor, he asks me 
"apasal Blood pressure kamu tinggi ni ha?"

how the hell would i know. if i knew i would medicate myself and not bother coming to the clinic la kan. idiots la.
are u really that stupid? do i look like i know the cause of migraines? im an engineering student, not a smartass that googles the cause of migraines and red eyes kan.

anyway, i would like to thank arif zahlan, because i stole some pictures from him. 


here are the pictures. remember. dont think dirty.

i dont know who he is. but im not judging him or anything. and i hope this does not affect his marriage if he is married, i just found it to be interesting that, he smiles sometimes, and not sometimes. kan ; )

kongratulations to all KYUEM graduates.
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