Tuesday, 10 August 2010


since now it is august, which is synonymous with Autumn, i want to share my experiences. my experiences about stepping on leaves, which was my favourite hobby during this season abroad.

my family was fond of going to the park, holland park. it wasnt the biggest park, nor was it the most beautiful, but it was home to many memories. anyway, i remember my brother sister and i walking to the park, where leaves covered the pavement.

we would be like round little cute rabbits, hopping from one leaf to the other, and as you can see from this picture, there were hundreds if not thousands of leaves, which we hopped from. 

it was the most beautiful season for me, even more beautiful than the colourful gardens of summer, and the budding green of spring. it was the season where if you looked to your left or right, and you would see brown. usually brown is related to shit, or najis, but not in this case.

imagine looking to your right, and seeing a beautiful painting. then seeing another. and another. it was like walking in a realm of the most detailed painting gallery ever, one which you still remember even though it was almost a decade ago.i think Autumn is the season god gets to show off his skills at showing just how beautiful a dying thing, or dying leaves can be. it was an unending Art Attack. in every park, and every street.

even the dogs have fun in the season. which is not blistering cold as the winter, nor friggin' hot as the summer. it was the season of moderation. i miss you Autumn. but i miss you more ; ) <3 (gay smiley alert)


ken said...

lovely pics.. yeah autumn is beautiful.. =)

lotitude longitude said...

stole them kot

ain said...

love autumn!!

maPieCeoFarT said...

nah...not gay at all... this is sweet...

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