Sunday, 1 August 2010

Go Ahead As You Waste Your Days With Thinking

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Im just really tired at atm. Physically tired that is.

Anyway, im just posting to write about the HTC Legend.

It is designed with such genius, and such elegance.
People think that 'touch' phones are those which just require one to press the screen to make it function. But there are two types of screens, one, which you have to use a hard object, like a stylus, and one with heat sense, like the HTC Legend.

This is my latest phone, which i received from my dad as a gift. As a sign of appreciation, i dedicate my post to my dad, and the HTC Legend. Before this i used the SAMSUNG OMNIA, and prior to that, another HTC Touch, and in between the LG KS360.

The Legend itself is an Android phone, with an array of Apps, which are mostly free to choose and download from. I think it is a nicer phone compared to the 'leceh', expensive, overrated, iPhone.
The Omnia requires a stylus, thus it is a touch phone. The Omnia, though really expensive, is no match for the HTCs. Its stylus sucked, and the internet settings really confused me. The HTC Touch is also a nice phone, but again, with confusing internet settings.
The KS360 is simply stylish, and looks really expensive, when it isnt. Its a simple phone, for showoffs, which i am, in truth, and, has a great QWERTYUIOP lol keyboard, which is handy for messaging. I still have this phone, and if you want to buy it from me, you still can. My friends asked me "weh lot brapa ribu ko bli ah?", when in truth it didnt cost nearly as much as a thousand Ringgit. Simply stylish, and fools the ignorant, with its class, and sleek finishing and design.
But atm, nothing beats the HTC Legend. I love this phone, and bring it to bed ever ynight, and make HTC Sense love to it, when my roomate is sound asleep.
As a departure gift, i will post a pic, which i stole off the net, like i did with all the other pics. It is none other than my favourite person at the moment, person, or more like, personality, it would have to be Tinky Winky.
I have drawn another pic of Tinky Winky, who is suffering from an identity crisis, which i will post in the middle or at the end of the week, on my deviantart account, and also here.

I love you Tinky Winky, i really do lolz. Dont call me gay, cause Teletubbies dont have buttholes which i could get a sexual fixation from


Anonymous said...

lot, u nak fly ea?

lotitude longitude said...

how the hell does one come to this conclusion and how will i know who u are and how do i say this but i dont know

see the boxes at the bottom (of the post) ? Tick one if you have the time. Because if the genre is disliked, similar posts won't be done. thanks. btw fuck nuffnang.