Sunday, 15 August 2010

melayan jiwa beb

so semalam i went back home to the arms or my mum. we hugged and kissed like we havent met for a long time. as usual, she would ask me, "tak ada baju kotor ke".
i have a problem, with saying no. so i said yes. "yes ma ada, tu ha baju kotor"

anyway, tadi i went to the surau, and before the taraweh prayers was a short ceramah. unlike the slow talking, calm ceramahers, he was SCreaming. wait. SCREAMING. my shift cacat.

anyway. he said "mak kalau sayang anak dia merepak kat anak dia"
in kelantan i think they would say "kalu mok yo caro ko anok yo yo ngepek'

in english, or my sort of english, i understood it to be
"if a mother cares about his son, she will nag @ repek the crap out of her kid"

anyway, seeing that my mum, never, or very very rarely, or extremely, or äusserst selten merepek at or to me, i feel that i was insulted. i know it was just a slur, like he was just trying to make his ceramah sedap, and he already said 'maaf jika saya terkasa bahasa', but i'm just saying, that theres a situation where the mother does not nag the crap out of this son

theres a situation where the mother just hugs his son, hoping for the best, theres a situation where the mum just prays for his son, for his studies and his life. theres a situation where the mum looks to be doing nothing verbally, but does alot in other ways. and im not saying my mum is the best mum in the world or anything (it doesnt need to be said because its quite obvious)

anyway encik penceramah, i think that my mum is the best. your mum and my mum should meet, then lumba lari or whatever. then we see la. haha. id love to see your mum belanja my mum a paket or carton of Mamee Sllrrrp. My mum tadehal punya la beb.. =D

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