Monday, 6 September 2010

Cats Can Walk Through Walls

A few days back i brought my cat back home. And the first thing that i said when my family saw the cat was

"you have to watch out. This cat is really stupid. it shits everywhere"
And my family, being nice people, said
"lotfi thats not a nice thing to say!"

Anyway, as proof taht my cat is stupid, i shall present a Cherpen. Or Cherita Pendek. Or Short Story. Shorsto.

So the family is eating at the dining table, as we are having our iftar. Then the cat comes in. So i say aloud
"kan dah cakap kucing ni bodoh"
so i close the door, and the cat sits quietly outside.

Then my family hear a loud "bump" noise. So we look around, to see if my niece fell down or whatever. But then we looked to the door. And it turned out to be my stupid cat, which headbutted the glass door.

I mean, how stupid can a cat be.

Anyway, we all laughed at my cat being stupid headbutting the door.

So the night before, i closed the door, to make sure the stupid cat doesn't come in. And warned my family not to let the Stupid Cat in also.
But next thing i know is my sister wakes me up saying
"weh lotfi, your stupid cat berak belakang TV"

and the first thing i thought of was

then it occured to me, that cats cant WALK THROUGH DOORS! so i felt stupid.

so i had come to the conclusion that my Stupid Cat walked through the walls, of course, like any other cat does.

Seeing that you know, contractors nowadays, cut corners here and there to save money, im not surprised that even a stupid cat such as mine managed to walk through my house's walls with such ease, and shitted@shat behind my Tv.

my cat if she were a human.

(ps- someone opened the door. i have no such superpowered cat)


Kamil said...

lol heroes

farhanah said...

kesian tiger :(

ken said...

dont leave the cat in the house =P

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