Monday, 4 October 2010

CAR 92

guess what


yesterday i saw a car, and guess what the plate number was

what was the plate number thing

it was CAR 92!
oh gila la weh?!

who would have guessed it. a car, with the plate CAR. now you dont see that everyday do you. unless you are the owner of that CAR, get it? not car, but CAR cus its the license plate number.

anyway, people are fond of borrowing cars from people who have cars. that is a fact.and so, on this beautiful sunday morning, someone asked me if they could borrow my car. i asked them where they wanted to go.

because i am a human. thus i am curious. then he told me

"oh, i am going out with my best friend"

yeah, that doesnt really answer my question. so i asked them again, kau nak pergi mana?

"aku nak klua dgn ahmad"

yeah, again, i know ahmad is your best friend. but WHERE, wo, mana, are you, going?


then, he signed out. he didnt have the courtesy to call me in the first place. he used the shittiest chat system in the world, FACEBOOK chat.

its not that i want to be a jerk, its just that, i dont like the idea of someone going JUNGLE TREKKING with my car. or travelling to MELAKA to take something they left during the holidays. young drivers nowadays are VERY inexperienced. last thing i want is him going to TAMAN NEGARA with my car. so just answer the question.







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