Saturday, 6 April 2013


She picked up her phone and checked her inbox to see if there were any new messages. The message she sent 6 hours ago remained unanswered.

"sayang Anak"

She knew that he had lectures and had other things to do, but today was a Sunday. The stores are closed where he lives. Besides that, he always stayed at home on weekends when they lived together.

Her other children were preoccupied with their friends and family of their own. She did not blame them for spending the weekend outside.

Just then the phone vibrated, the screen lighting up: It was he. She picked up the phone but in no rush to reply; she didn't wan't to look desperate.

"sayang Ibu jugak"

Even though disappointed that it had taken him 6 hours to reply she couldn't help but to smile. It was her little boy.

"siapa dekat rumah, bu?"

Although she knew he asked out of affection, her smile faded.

"Ibu seorang saja"

Her husband hasn't been at home since Wednesday. Even with her daughter and cat at home, nothing could fill that void.
She missed the man she loved.

"kalau Ibu nak, Anak boleh pulang teman Ibu"

A typical reply from her son. Sadly even his return would only temporarily contain her sadness. What she wanted was something that only her husband could offer.

"Anak jangan risau, Si Tompok teman Ibu"

Si Tompok was their cat that he one day brought back. Although she meant it as a lie, the truth was that Si Tompok was indeed her companion in the house. Always trailing her even after being fed, unlike the other cats  Si Belang and Harimau.

Trying not to dwell on whether he might come home that night, she lied down on her side trying to sleep.

Her phone vibrated, the display lighting up once more.

"sayang Ibu"

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