Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Today is Monday. Monday comes after Sunday. On Sunday I don't need to go to tadika. I like Sunday better.

Ayah combed my hair today. He puts some cream between his hands and rub rub rub rubs them and then puts it on my hair. He combed it to one side. The cream makes my hair shiny. I like shiny.

Today is Monday. Monday means Donat Day. Ibu and me go to her school cantine and go get donats. Donats are my favourite food. I got two donats today. That's one more than last week. Ibu doesn't have to pay Makcik Kantin. Makcik Kantin smiles as I wave bye bye.

Today is Monday. So Ibu drives me to tadika. I am late for class but Ibu talks to Teacher. Teacher doesn't get angry. But Teacher always looks angry. He always makes other kids cry.

After learning Alif Ba Ta I get to go outside. I like going outside. I get to talk with my friends Apis and his brother. Apis and Alif have the same face but are different people. I wish I had an Alif.

Alif wants to show us something today. Apis says he had seen it already. I hope it's a worm. I like worms. Alif says we have to wait for Apis to finish peeing first. Apis like to pee behind the tadika. I don't think Teacher lets us do that.

Apis is finished so get to see the big surprise. Alif opens his zip and holds out his pee pee. Alif has a different pee pee than mine. So I take mine out and show Alif mine too. Apis takes put his pee pee too. Apis and Alif have the same face but different pee pee. I like Alif's pee pee better because it looks like mine. Apis' pee pee is weird.

The bell is ringing. That means we have to go inside. I don't like going inside.
I can't wait to go back and tell Ibu about what I saw today.

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